Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer – 2022 Review

The recent changes in our fast paced lifestyles have provided us a lot of facilities. Industrialization has led to usage of machines in every possible way.

The extensive usage of industrial procedures and other mechanics in every field have affected our health.

Why Do You Need a Warm Steam Vaporizer?

The ever increasing threat of climate change is also one of the reason and that is mainly cause due to Pollution. The increase in air pollution is causing breathing issues and other sort of allergies (or sinusitis) that can require the people to use inhalers and other stuff to help rub off the effects.

Even if somebody is not affected by allergies they might simply catch a cold. That is why established brands like Vicks are helpful and always handy.

Vicks Vaporizer

Vicks has been effectively used for a long time. They have been available in form of balm and handy packs. But now they are introducing Vaporizer that would make steaming process a lot easier.

Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer is a great product that increases the ambient air humidity especially in winters.

As a user who has sinusitis and sensitive respiration problems that get worse during chilly and dry winters, Vicks warm steam Vaporizer has been a great relief for me and I haven’t looked for another vaporizer of a different brand since.

A vaporizer is a product useful for everyone and a must in everyone’s home. It boils water producing a steam which is then released into the air, refreshing the room’s air.

Warm Steam Vaporizer vs Cold and Sinus Infection

Most vaporizers produce steam just from water but other’s like Vick’s Warm Steam Vaporizer can release scented steam, great when you are going through a cold and sinus infection, if you put scented oil in it.

Vaporizers have been ideal for homes, since they first appeared, because of their effect and not only.

Vick’s Warm Steam Vaporizer humidifies the air within the room he is placed, making it more pleasant to whoever spends their time in that room.

This vaporizer also comes in handy during times like winter or flu season, because off its ability to produce scented steam, reducing symptoms during a sinus infection or cold.

How to Use a Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer?

Inhaling scented steam or even the usual one facilitates the breathing because it makes the air you inhale better, and you won’t have to deal with suffocating air no more, or in case you put scented oil, the volatile oil in the air facilities breathing during a cold.

Vicks warm Steam Vaporizer is inexpensive, a breeze to use and easy to maintain – all I need to do is add water to the filler and some salt in it then plug it in. The water immediately boils releasing steam which heightens air humidity.

My stuffy and congested nose get done away, giving great comfort and I get to breathe easy in the driest of seasons especially during sleep.

Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer 1.5 Gallon

The Vicks 1.5-gallon vaporizer will allow steaming in an effective and easy way especially with kids. The 1.5-gallon capacity works for 18-24 hours’ operation per filling and medicine cup allows the use of Vicks Vaposteam or inhalant. The vaporizer comes with triple wall insulation keeps reservoir water at a safe temperature. So the vaporizer will always be safe to use.


  • A unique feature with this one is that it comes with a large Night-Light which provides added safety and convenience, particularly in children’s rooms as it will be easy to locate and would not cause issues.
  • The automatic shut-Off when reservoir water reaches minimum level provides the ease of letting people know when they have to refill. The product is dream stuff for anyone suffering from cold and is fed up of using the conventional ways of steaming that can be messy and sort of painful.
  • The vaporizer is very convenient and easy to go. It is also easily portable so it can be used even when you are travelling or anything. The design is also very sleek so it would look cute when kept in the room.

How to Clean?

There are no major issues with this Vicks warm steam vaporizer – it doesn’t emit funny or offensive smells, no vestigial traces and I found that by adding just a little bit of salt, the faster the water boils away. I am very bad at assembling anything and the vaporizer does not require parts replacement or any dismantling and reassembling. I’m thankful for that!

The humidifier’s after use black specks deposit is not something unusual – they’re just the leftover dissoluble minerals that don’t evaporate. I just dump the black pieces out in the morning and refill the vaporizer with water for the next steam releasing and air moisture session. That’s all the cleaning this humidifier requires – hardly a chore.


The thing is, Vicks warm steam vaporizer is cheap, yet effective and long lasting – this is why I’ll keep buying this humidity increasing tool.

If at all Vicks warm steam vaporizer gets out of whack, I won’t take the liberty to switch to other brands because this humidifier is cost effective. So if it malfunctions (which up till now, it didn’t) it’s not really a problem because hey, comparatively, it’s cheap and provides a great deal of value for money.


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  1. I have two Vicks vaporizer’s and neither one of them will let the steam come out what is going on they’re only a couple years old?


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