A Brief Guide to Use Vaporizer for Baby Congestion

Well, it works for the adults, there are high chances that it works for babies as well. Following, we are not only going to find the answer to this question, but we are also going to search and see its benefits, different types, and tips for better use. So stay tuned.

Benefits of Baby Vaporizers

The answer to can I use vaporizer for baby is yes and following we will discuss the benefits:

· It moisturizes air so the baby reliefs from congestion and cold symptoms

· The vapor from vaporizer helps to loosen mucus, which clogs nose, chest or throat. The vaporizer for baby congestion makes it easy for baby to recover from sickness and keep them comfort as they combat against cold

· The moist air produced from vaporizer also cures skin diseases. This includes chapped lips, dry eyes, and itchy skin. All of this can irritate a baby

· Another benefit of using vaporizers is they help babies to fall asleep. They don’t work in a rhythmic hum. But they provide a soothing white noise with acts as a lullaby

Different Types of Baby Vaporizers for Congestion

When it comes to the baby vaporizer, there are many choices to choose. Thanks to the extensive number of choices. It is a bit overwhelming for parents to choose a product, which serves their toddler well. Following are naming the different types of the vaporizer for baby congestion.

Cool Mist

  • Vapor produced is as hot as room temperature
  • It eliminates the risk of being scalded
  • These are best for croup

Warm Mist

  • These kill germs and viruses
  • Makes it easy for the baby to breathe
  • Reduces the mucus buildup and ease up breathing

Example: Vicks warm steam vaporizer.​

Tabletop, Console and in Duct Humidifiers

· They keep the air moist for the whole family, instead of doing it for the infants only

· It’s energy saving as compared to other types

· it doesn’t need much maintenance

Safety Tips for Using Baby Vaporizer

Now it's time to look at the safety precautions for using it. Follow these easy precautions to make sure the vaporizer for baby congestion always help your baby and never brings any harm to them.

· Clean the Vaporizer Thoroughly

· Use distilled water instead of tap water for the cleaning the device

· Keep it unplugged and out of reach of children

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  1. Great article, I had a chat with my family doctor the other day and she recommended cool mist humidifiers over warm mist. I think I’ll get one for my little one.


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