Sphenoid Sinusitis: One of The Most Dangerous Sinus Infection

Sphenoid sinuses are just behind the skull, above the nasopharynx and just below the pituitary gland. It is difficult to identify diseases in this part because of its location.

In front of the sphenoid sinuses are the ethmoid sinuses.

Sphenoid Sinus Location

Sphenoid sinus location

Medically accurate illustration of the sphenoid sinus

Spenoidal and other sinuses location.

Symptoms of Sphenoid Sinusitis

Symptoms of sphenoid sinus disease are also the same with other sinusitis. The patient may experience :

  • cold
  • mucus discharge
  • headache
  • neck pain in some cases
  • weakened sense of smell

A person can only determine if the infection has reached the sphenoid when he feels the pain on top of your head or at the back of the neck. Sometimes a person may feel pain on the right or on the left side of the face.  This part of the sinus cannot be infected easily.

The basic explanation for this is its location. It would be hard for bacteria or viruses to reach it because the location is not that easy to penetrate.

girl with pain sphenoid sinus location

It is not easy to diagnose sphenoid sinusitis. The doctor needs to get a sample of blood or sweat to know if there are traces of bacteria and fungus in the sinus. Another way to know the condition of the sphenoid is by CT Scan.

Sphenoid sinusitis should not be taken for granted because progressive growth of the infection can cause neurological damage. Of all the sinuses, the sphenoid is one of the most sensitive because of the connection between the sinus and the optic nerve.

Pro Tip

The quickest way to get relief from sinus pain is to use nasal irrigation. There are effective devices for this purpose. Read about Navage or SinuPulse.

Cysts in the Sphenoid Sinus

Cysts are particularly common on the sinuses. They are pocketlike tissues containing liquid or semisolid materials inside. Even a person who never complained about any sinus complications may have cysts.

They are not harmful. Few numbers of cysts in the sinuses cannot cause any complications.

It can only be considered as harmful when it is growing in number and has already started blocking and stopping the reproduction of healthy cells. In order for a person to know if cysts are present in your sinuses, he has to undergo CT Scan.

CT Scan sphenoid

CT Scan

Surgical Operation for Sphenoid Sinus

For surgical operations involving sphenoid sinus, it can be extremely risky. It can be found just below the brain. Surgery can causeus Infection the leakage of the cerebral fluid called CSF. The CSF surrounds the brain. When leaking occurs, the best way to stop it is to take complete bed rest. When the leakage don’t stop, the patient should undergo brain surgery.

The good thing about sphenoid sinus is its location. Because it is far away from the surface, it is not easy for unwanted sickness-causing organisms to penetrate to its surface, unlike the maxillary sinus that serves as the first part of the passage.

Balloon Sinuplasty for Sphenoid Sinus - Demo Animation

Being aware of the symptoms of the sphenoid sinus infections can be extremely useful. When the maxillary sinus starts to show signs of fungal infection, try to observe if an evasive fungus caused it. This fungus can spread and contaminate even the healthy tissues.

If the infection remains for longer, it has a tendency to spread to other parts of sinuses. This can be terribly dangerous if it reaches the sphenoid. If it has affected all the sinuses, it would not be easy to treat it and let it heal all at once.


Prevention is always better than cure. A person has to eat healthy foods. He has to abstain from eating too much fried and starchy foods. There are foods that can cause and can worsen sinus infections like dairy products. If we just take the needed amount and get rid of the excess, it will be easy for us to avoid illnesses such as this.

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  1. Hello Please tell me what I can do to get rid of sphenoid sinus as far as medication nutrition ect please I would really appreciate the feed back thank you

    • You don’t get rid of sphenoid sinus it is an opening space in the bone. If its infected then you go to ENT department at your local hospital and they clean the area . If its infected then it depends on the infection but if its fungal it would help to do deep breathing techniques to put oxygen deep into that back area to slow the infection down.

    • I saw three ENT’s and did the same old things over and over… steroids that work synergistically with antibiotics! My MD gave me something to dissolve the biofilms, and told me majority of sinus infection are fungal so when you take antibiotics, and if it is not an antifungal it acts as food for the fungus, so you just get more of what your trying to eliminate.

      Finally had sinus surgery with top notch sinus surgeon then I had scar tissue. Worn out I went to naturopathic doctor since I want to get to the causes I stop all fried food, wheat, sugar, meat, all processed food, and dairy. I’m a vegetarian so it is was easy .

      I went on Joel Wallach Mighty 90 and a great mineral concentrate, probiotics, and get on a simple SCD diet Started taking Allimax 3x daily. Took Serrapeptase to dissolve the scar tissue and did castor oil packs daily 2 to 3 times a day on my face to dissolve scar tissue. I started rinsing my sinuses with hydrogen peroxide food grade, sea salt and baking soda in sterilized water in a neti pot I would hang my head upside down on my inversion board to get this stuff in my sinuses I would wait 20 minutes since this is amount of time it takes to decimate bad bugs, I would do deep breathing and just relax during this time then slowly get off the inversion board and let the contents of my sinuses go into a cotton towel or paper towel . Wash towels on sanitize in washer And using Grapefruit seed in humidifier with sea salt while I was sleeping or in my office. Bought a no EMF sauna felt so much better. Also had my house air quality checked to make sure there was no hidden invisible odorless mold or leaking carbon monoxide leaks, or radon. Heck you never know! Also had my teeth checked just to be sure. Finally cured!

      • Thank you for priceless info! I would only ask about the ammount of the ingredients used for the nasal solution – specifically for that quantity to be hold 20 min with head upside down.
        Thank you!

      • I apologize I’m just giving my experience I would suggest to anyone that has
        a sinus infection is to see an ENT and see the best neurosurgeons at a medical university if you need surgery.

        The sinus rinse I used sterilized water in a Neti Pot add a neilmed packet which is basically sea salt/ baking soda , add few drops of hydrogen peroxide into the neti pot as well .
        Then I would rinse my sinuses using a the neti pot. I can feel the bubbling of the hydrogen peroxide it burn a little but not a lot This really cleaned my sinuses and I keep a cotton towel close by and I close my eyes to make sure that this stuff does not ever get in my eyes.
        I also would gently put my hands on my sides of my face and pull the skin back a little then I would take deep breathes this get oxygen into my sinuses and decreases infection I would do this right before bed when I was lying down for about twenty to thirty minutes.

      • See “Research on Chronic Sinusitis – Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) in Minnesota – Mayo Clinic” at:

        It says “most chronic sinus infections may be caused by an immune system response to fungi”. It also refers to a study published by them in 1999.

        Also see “Symptom Relief from Chronic Sinusitis is Available” at:

        That article is also from the Mayo Clinic but seems to contradict the first one. So I am not sure, but at least there seems to be agreement that antibiotics might do more harm than good in the long run. But there does not seem to be simple answers.

      • Oh my God. I have this. I have been suffering for years with it seeing many Doctors with numbers of MRIs and CT scans showing nothing until now. Wow!!! My name is Janice Monaco. This has taken time from my life suffering with Migranes. 4254422242 for any assistance. Thank you for your information. Janice

        • I am just like you. MRI CT scans neurologists, ENT. Said sinuses clear, but suffer from migraineschool. Have you found relief?

        • I have the same problem. My migraine headaches always start from either sphenoud sinus pain which develops into a migraine that involves the eye, ear n top of my head. After decades of suffering my GP told me that one of his patients benefits from Cafergot 1 tablet and Synflex 275 mg 2 tablets. I found out that it works for me best if I take Fedac (which is half antihistamine n half pseudoephedrine) because I alwas get pain from sensitivity to either food or anything in the air. Since Cafergot contains caffeine, which is a vasoconstrictor, I take one quarter of the dosage of the 3 meds. I am also sensitive to caffeine n if I take even a quarter of the 100 mg at noon I can’t sleep that night. Also, Synflex causes gastritis so I take it after food. All these meds should be taken together. Taken separately it doesn’t work. My heart goes out to all sufferers. I am 64 now n had a sinus surgery in 2000 but still have migraines. The dr stripped all sinuses incl sphenoids. Reduced turbinates which were huge from my allergies. I am even sensitive to cool air from ac ir fan n get a problem from it. Right now I am wearing a face mask to keep my sinuses warm. Warmth eases the pain. I used to go for a week with unbearable pain n then was tested for allergies n found out I was highly sensitive to chocolates. Abstained for 2yrs n was free but developed other allergies. They come n go. It’s a nightmare. God bless my dr whi recommended d above therapy. I was close to killing myself. I can’t take Cafergot now bcoz it’s almost midnight n will not be able to sleep at all. So I will just take Fedac n Synflex n hope it will work a bit at least. I would like to hear if it works for you. A few of my friends saidt it worked for them. They don’t have sphenoid problems, just regular migraines.

      • Thanks for all the info I had been at the last year 4 times at the ER with terrible neck pain and in the back of my head ., last year sinus surgery too but pain are still making my life difficult

      • Hello,
        That is one of the most bizarre journeys I have ever heard. I am so glad you are cured, since it sounds like you were almost out of options.

  2. Thank you for helping me to understand my diagnosis. Mild mucoperiosteal thickening in the nostril of the left sphenoid sinus
    Still need to understand the mild much periosteum and mild specification in left l
    Posterior ethnocide air cell nasal system. I was put on prenoidsone for 14 days. Can you give me more detail on diagnosis?

  3. Team,
    Very useful info regarding sphenoid sinus.
    Please suggest the best doctor for treatment I’m living in Chennai.

    Thanks and Regards
    Kiran NY

  4. good day hi am lizette ardeza from manila i just want to ask my husband having mild spnoeid sinusitis can doble sign can cause sinusitis? hes already 33 yeas old now hes always having snezeeng every morning please answer my question.

  5. I have fungal infection in my sphenoid sinus , i am 36 y.o female . How can get rid of it without surgery , using medications only ?

    • I had a non-invasive sphenoid fungal infection; it is not common. In 2014, it was removed surgically. I am currently trying to get further imaging to see if it has returned as I have begun experiencing the headaches on the top and rear of my head along with the thick, bad tasting mucus in the back of my throat as well as ‘snapping’ deep in my sinuses.

      The only way to remove the infection is via surgery, to my knowledge. There are no blood vessels to supply anti-fungals or other medications reliably as a sinus is completely enclosed. Blood vessels pass by surfaces, but there is no direct contact with the fungus.

      The surgery is quite risky. The scope/cleaning equipment needs to pass directly under your ocular nerve (can cause blindness with the wrong movement from either you or your doctor.) The scope will enter your sphenoid which sits directly (literally 1-2 mm) under your brain. The only thing separating the sinus from the brain is your dura, a sac that encloses your brain. Mine appears to have been nicked during surgery and, fortunately, my employer worked with me to allow me to stay at home for 1.5 weeks and lie on my back. Thankfully it healed. If it does not close on its own, the clear, salty solution that bathes your brain will deplete and require emergency surgery. Furthermore, breaching the dura can result in meningitis or even inoculation of the brain with the fungus itself, which is very bad.

      Because so few of these surgeries occur, there is little data to support statistics for success or failure. I recommend that you seek out the best surgeon. This will be evidenced by the number of SPHENOID surgeries completed each year and based on resulting patient complications.

      My doctor was fantastic. But, if I have reinfection, I do not think I will have the surgery again. The headaches I experienced were beyond explanation. Take a read online- George Clooney describes the headaches that resulted from his dura leak a few years ago. I was prepared to take the same action as him in the event that I was left with neuropathy (neurons that continue to think they are experiencing the pain, even though the cause is re-mediated.)

      I may request that we try something radical- deep breathing therapy of low-dose anti-fungals. I’m not certain that anti-fungals can be inhaled for safety or patient pain reasons….but I would prefer to explore non-surgical treatment on behalf of the other patients who may require similar treatment. However, working in the pharmaceutical industry and having a sister who is a pharmacist puts me at an advantage for trying something new.

      • I think sinus surgeries has risks and side effects. For people it works great, even a small biopsy on my back had scar tissue I could feel it my massuese
        gave something to use on it . Completely dissolved after two months

        For fungal sinus infection see the ENT
        There must be a natural cure for sinus fungus infections

        This is just a thought, what if you no longer feed the fungus and it has no food source. Won’t it die? What if you make the terrain inhospitable, starve it to death that is what they do to candida which is a fungus ? See a naturopathic doctor

        • That is what I think, try to stop the mold from growing in our noise and head. In pain for years, Migranes. Finally, they found what it is. Verytough to find.

  6. Hi there,
    I was in a car accident in 8-13 & banged the front left of my head in the crash(hit from behind) I had an MRI done & they made note that there was “mirrored right side stephoid sinusitis”
    Since then, I have had migraine headaches every couple months, vomiting & down for 2 days at a time. The last time was after antibiotics for stress hives that are on my scalp & breaking open. I finished the antibiotics & around a week later, woke up with pain over my eyebrows, worsening until I vomited over & over. The pain was immense. I had memory loss after the wreck & thought it was a brain injury. Could the accident have triggered or damaged something to cause this or worsen it?
    Thank you for your time.

    • I recommend that you find the best neurosurgeon in your area, explain the scenario and ask for help because the issues you describe are interfering with your daily life. Hopefully, you connect with someone who is willing to take the time to truly consider your history to get you back on the right path. He or she should be very capable of telling you if your accident could have resulted in damage.

      To prepare, you will need to contact the hospital where your CT was completed and have them forward the actual scan (not the read- you want all of the images/pictures) to your new surgeon.

      No one can diagnose your symptoms online, unfortunately. I feel for you and hope that you are able to find the help you need.

    • My friend was in car accident , she saw all eight neurologist . It was the
      Functional neurologist that helped her .. I had never heard of one until she mentioned
      it. Might want to check it out

    • I was diagnosed with acute sphenoid sinusitis. Had ct scan. ENT read actual scan and said it was filled with fluid. He is putting me back on antibiotic. Can that alone get rid of this? It started a couple of months ago with blood ,green out my nose with severe headaches when I bent my head or coughed. Now, I’m reading about it and it is freaking me out.

  7. In 2004 I had surgery, lifting up my brain, taking muscle from my jaw and the special medical glue they use to fix a leak (undiagnosed for 8 months) from my sphenoid sinus. The leak of CSF from my nose started after an airplane ride to visit family out West, but it wasn’t figured out for a while. Could the differential pressure from the airplane have caused it to leak: the doctor said it was a large sinus, which is good for athletes, but that there was a part of it where skin was only under it instead of bone and many people have that, but it ruptured there. Does that make sense?

  8. I am just getting over mild pheumonia and have been suffering from a strange pain in my jaw and teeth for ages now – thought to be TMJS. I also have mild Rheumatoid Arthritis and small fiber neuropathy. However the thing that concerns me is that I recently had a bout of severe headaches and nausea following a lumbar puncture and now I have this mouth pain. I also get nose bleeds and sores/ crusting and I was looking into whether all this might be coming from my Sphenoid. My GPs say it’s just a viral infection and have me on two antibiotics simultaneously – so my lungs appear to be clearing well now but the jaw and teeth pain is excruciating presently. Nothing showed up in my CSF but the results were contaminated by a traumatic tap. I had a clear brain scan – would this be same as CT?

    I do feel something really unpleasant is happening around my nasal and oral areas but can’t seem to get anyone to take this seriously and I don’t have any gum infection or specific toothache. The doctors just keep checking my lungs and airways. Could this all be a Sphenoid matter and would any kind of Vasculitis/ autoimmune disease cause Sphenoid infection?

    • Tum Tum – I am female, 73. After eight months of non-stop excruciating jaw and teeth pain that no amount of antibiotics would get rid of , my GP finally suggested that perhaps I had allergies. Allergist said “nope” – referred me to an ENT specialist. He ordered a CT scan for the same day. Came back showing a blocked Sphenoid Sinus and also a shadow around my olfactory nerves. MRI ordered for the next morning. That showed a “male fist sized” Glomus Tumor on base of skull. I was scheduled for surgery within the week. The ENT surgeon and neurosurgeon worked as a team and I shall be forever grateful to them. Fortunately the tumor was not malignant and I have a follow-up MRI in three months. Surgery was seven plus hours and knocked me flat in more ways than one.
      So now four plus weeks post surgery and three weeks out of hospital I am lethargic, miserable, completely lacking in motivation and energy and once again consumed by the same kind of “sinus” pain that sent me to the hospital in the first place. My olfactory nerves were so entwined with the tumor that there was no saving them so now no sense of smell whatsoever and my, how impacts taste.

      I’m fortunate this all was discovered and day dream of getting back my previous very active and community involved life style but meanwhile no other way to put it politely – this sucks! I see the ENT doctor again tomorrow.
      Don’t let sinus pain go on without treatment.

    • Tum Tum — Your virus is probably Zoster and very hard to get rid of. Zoster reactivation infections were very common in 2014. These secondary infections can rise from flue and other trauma to the immune system. If you have numbness and tingling located on one side only, it could be Zoster. The pneumonia you experienced may have also been Zoster related. It sometimes attacks the trigeminal nerve exclusively and won’t show up on a common blood test. It is treated with Valtrex just like if you had shingles. If left untreated it can spread into your eye or down your nervous system into your brain causing Zoster Encephalitis. You may need to got to a doctor that specializes in this type of infection.

  9. the va diagnosed me with bilateral sphenoid sinusitis: Question: having served in the military early 70’s was subjected to fuel and fumes, stored, handled, used and disposed of hazardous materials and waste according to environmental standards could this have contributed to this problem.

    • Please see an specialist…an Environmental medicine doctor will be able to run the right tests, and help you figure this out. Most regular MD are not educated on this so it is wise to see specialized doctor

      • Hello cured, Glad to see your sinus problems seem to be better. I was wondering , did your sinus condition/infection involve the sphenoid. I am going on 3 months with this sphenoid issue and would love to try and treat it using the inversion method you mention. The usual 2 courses of antibiotics did little to rectify my issues. Other than the flip turn method which claims to possibly clean the sphenoid I haven’t found any other sights (I have done variations of the flip turn with a modicum of success however I find it hard to hold the upside down position for much longer than a couple of mins. It would seem your idea of 20 or 30 mins would be more ideal. Also how long did it take for you to clear your sinuses and do you still do the rinses for maintenance. Seems as if this doesn’t work I will unfortunately be reliant on the typical routes which seem iffy at best, Thanks Drew

  10. Last night, after a ct Scan with contrast scan, the radiologist’s report read, “fluid in left sphenoid sinus. Correlate clinically for infection”. The Emergency Room physician ordered Augmentin 875 mg, orag twice a day for 10 days. It would seem she considers this a bacterial infection. Today I seem to have a metalic taste in my mouth. (I do take Metformin daiy),I am to follow up with my primary MD &/or return to ER if condition worsens or I fail to improve?
    My only symptom that drove me to ER was the sharp pain in the back of my head approx 2 fingers above left ear and 1 or 2 fingers to the center of the head.. The pain would only last a second at a time, and I never knew when to expect it next.

    Do you believe the antibiotics will help; if the pain stops, how will I know if the fluid/infection has healed? How would you suggest I proceed? Thank you for your consideration.

  11. Does sinusitus show up as a No aeration of sphenoid sinus seen and soft tissue lesion in place where spenoid sinus should be in MRI as that is what is shown. Waiting for results of CT scan now.

  12. I have been diagnosed with mild to moderate bilateral ethmoid and sphenoid sinusitis. I have done everything and now I am having surgery on Tuesday right before Christmas. I tried to avoid it but there was no way.

  13. Hello
    I just had a ct scan and results show mild left sphenoid sinus disease. With A 6mm retention cyst at base of left sphenoid. I’ve been having horrible headaches doc treats them as migraines. My left ear and jaw been giving me deep pain that comes and goes. My left eye gets blurry when I feel sinus pressure. I’m always tired and sluggish. I’m 32 male that smokes cigarettes (not for long after this pain) and do construction always around dust and who knows what other air born bacteria. My question is, I’ve read that mucous retention cyst aren’t really problem causers and most docs say wait and see, but I’ve been having so many other issues wondering if this cyst could cause any of them or its just the sphenoid sinus disease itself. Thanks for your time

  14. 1) 3/21/2016 Had ct scan, non acute non- contrast followed by IV contrast CT examination of the brain

    2) There is an incusion cyst filling 50% of the volume of the left sphenoid sinus and there is mild right sphenoid sinusitis. all other paranasal sinuses appear adequately aerated and non acute.

    3) There is no calvarial fracture.
    currently attempting to locate ENT Specialist in Tallahassee Fl. Please explain how serious.

  15. Fifteen years ago I suffered for a year. For part of that time I just tried to deal with it, seeing GP off and on. I ran a constant low grade temp that NEVER left. Felt pressure in my head and behind eyes. Several rounds of antibiotics with GP finally saying it was “all in my head”. Generally felt “strange” and off center. Finally saw ENT (50 miles away) who couldn’t find anything wrong but on second thought sent me for CT scan of my sinuses. Right sphenoid sinus infection. Several more rounds of antibiotics with warning if I felt neck pain to see him immediately. Got sicker, nauseated, couldn’t read or watch tv and was seeing double. Saw an internal med dr who did another sinus scan. Infection still there and was totally sealed in the sinus cavity. Husband rushed me to ENT who wanted to wait until after the holidays for surgery. This was a week before Christmas. Hubby said no way and three days later had surgery. Doctor was amazed after surgery saying “she was REALLY sick”. Got over that but the trigeminal nerve was slightly scraped resulting in facial pain in my jaw which felt like my teeth were chattering. After a sack full of different pain meds, a neurologist put me on Neurotin and after a year of that I was totally free of pain. Doctors cannot feel our pain so if we don’t insist on pursuing the cause they won’t. Change doctors if you have to; don’t worry about hurting their feelings (this message was given me by my doctor cousin).

  16. Hi, I am suffering from sphenoid sinus . I consulted with a Dr and taken CT Scan . after seeing the result he told that this can be cured with surgery only. all the medicine are only for temporary relief. . Then went to another dr. to get his opinion for this problem. what he says is try with antibiotics for 4 weeks . Now I am confused. please help me.

    • From my experience…if it’s crusted/sealed up, (as mine was), and if there’s nothing that will losen the blockage then surgery might be the only option. Mine was there for over a year and after about 5-6 rounds of antibiotics it was still there.. There’s also the risk of meningitis. Good luck!

    • So glad to see this, 20 years ago my son had an infection in the sphenoid sinus. He saw ENT, Plastic surgeon. The surgeon said antibiotics would not help because of where infection was. He had surgery, better since.

  17. I ask all involved, is surgery the only cure??? seems all meds etc are an exercise in futility, ive had 4 mris –3 cts and they all blow me off. 3 yrs of pressure is about to do me in I’m 89 and all the Drs wont take a chance on surgery on an old man.. if I take anything for pain it upsets my stomach. I know ,,, jump off the nearest bridge

  18. have chronic sinus infectioin in my ethmoid spenoid and maxillary sinus not sure if bacterial or viral or fungal how do they tell with a biopsy can the doc do that

  19. Well I have read you all experiences and sad to say I think I am in the same boat. I have had 2 balloon sinuplasty procedures and endoscopic sinus surgery . I can honestly say the surgery has opened up sinuses, but I am experience pain in the back of neck as well as top of head. I am thinking Sphenoid Sinuses. I am on 2nd ENT, and a CT scan was completed. Is that something they could have noticed via CT scan? The first Dr was billing for things he did not do. Any thoughts would be appreciated

  20. I have a mass in the sphenoid, noticed by a random xray to begin with and Dr’s were worried it was something on the spine/brain stem. CT showed in sphenoid, ENT inspected with a scope, mass is enclosed and blocking the drainage of the sphenoid and is on the outside of the sinus and is breaking down the bone around it. I’m 77. Surgery is scheduled for October 24, 2016. My concern is that it is located so closely to optic nerve, brain stem, pituitary gland, etc. and as stated what if something gets nicked somehow and I become blind or paralyzed, so I am thinking at my age what about just leaving it. Three weeks on antibiotic 2X a day did not change it, does not seem to be a cancer or fungus in appearance and I’m happy enough getting the thing out other than the risks. Any suggestions?

  21. I have had two surgeries on my sphenoid sinuses. After the first I noticed hearing changes to my left ear, Ct scan normal, hearing test normal. Feels like my ear is clogged or it needs to pop. It has been 4+ years and has not gotten better, I’m thinking nerve damage but have never gotten a definite answer.

  22. I have been suffering since prior to Aug 2014 with chronic sinusitis, and have seen 3 ENTs, one said silent acid reflux – put me on omeprazole, after 4 mos. nothing but worse infection. Next doc put me on antibiotics for 4+ wks & did CT scan which showed blocked sphenoid sinus, then another CT scan after that which showed improvement. I felt better for the longest time – May thru July, then it returned. I tested negative for any allergies stomach acid. Next doctor did a nose culture and it came back positive for MRSA, prescribed muripocin, which is easy to use, cheap, and easy to continue if needed, and it took care of THAT problem completely. HOWEVER, I STILL have sinus pressure when I lower my head and this has severely limited my life – I used to exercise daily, loved to garden and do home projects, but if it involves bending over, nah, not interested, and I have also noticed a difference in my energy level. I used to sleep less and have boundless energy for a 50+, now I sleep more, have less energy, and have gained a few pounds back that I lost a year prior, and now that’s making my joints all achy. I am at my wits end!! I do not want surgery if something else can be done. I have an inversion bench so may try the hanging upside down thing with saline rinse, which I have used daily for 2x a day for almost 2 yrs now, but it doesn’t seem to clear out the right sinus cavities any more. IF ANYONE knows any specialists in the Atlanta area please advise because it is too difficult to google, ask insurance co., etc., I am so desperate to rid myself of this and return to my normal energetic self, I am willing to pay more or all out of pocket.

    • I forgot to add that MOST of the time my nasal passages are clear and I can breathe, partly thanks to Sudafed 24 hr and the saline rinse. I am stuffy when I awake, and clear most of the day. I clear my throat ALOT, and drink fluids all day. Other than the bending over sinus pressure I don’t seem to have any other symptoms, other than possibly hearing level decrease (am hearing impaired anyway) but suddenly the same hearing aids don’t seem to be as effective., and at times my eyes seem a little blurry but I am also nearsighted and wear contacs and a mere blink sometimes clears that up. Looking for a cure!

  23. I have problem of nasal congestion, headache and facial pressure I went to several doctors but I have not found cure and its irritating, could this mean I have chronic sinusitis and what can I do

  24. I have been suffering from continual headache on upper right side for about 6 years. Now a year ago i have been feeling something like cant balance my body at times, specially if i bend or move my head quickly in any direction i find it difficult to be in my position. 4 days ago i went for CT SCAN and the report says “mucosal thickening is seen in sphenoid sinuses.”
    Please tell me if there is anything to worry about or not.
    I’ll be very thankful to all of u.

  25. Diagonised with sphenoid sinus infection which requires surgery. strongly believe I’ll be completely healed in JESUS name.Have read your commends and many are now free of the disease, it’ll happen to me too.

  26. I had a CT scan and was told that I have a serious sinus infection. I do not have any mucus discharge. I do have a severe headache that has lasted seven days now. I can’t sleep because I feel like I am smothering. I have tried steam, sinus rinses, used extra strength tylenol, extra strenght ibuprofen and even a combination of the two. Nothing eases the headache. I feel like I am going crazy with this pain. What can I do?

    • Try an ice pack on your neck for 15 to20 minutes. ; I have any of the same symptoms you describe and it helps me.

  27. Stabbing pain in side of head extreme tiredness eyeache had 1 week doxycycline symptoms got worse again now 10 days amoxcicilan is this normal for sinus infection

  28. I recently had surgery (05/07/17) for Sphenoid Disease and a fungul ball was removed. I have used a nasal douche twice daily as instructed to flush my sinuses out. I’ve not worked or been in contact with other people since the op to reduce the risk of infection. However since the operation I have had severe headaches, slightly blurred vision and some loss of hearing on the affected side (right). Last night I experienced a burning sensation in the area above the eye and also in the area below the eye around the upper cheek.which lasted for around 30 minutes. Is this normal or should I be seeking medical assistance?

  29. BEGS nose spray dissolves the Biofilm and kills the fungal infection this is some strong stuff no kidding. My ND who is total brain studied with Ritchie Shoemakers ,mold expert.The ND used an independent lab, not the lab the five ENT doctors used because their tests showed zero, nada ..zilch, why keep paying’em? The ND nailed it in first test Stopped all wheat, gluten, dairy, sugar, basic mucous free diet

  30. I have very bad headaches on top of my head. Had CT scan . It said that opacification of spheniod sinus at base of skull. What does that mean and where do I go next to get rid of bad neck and headache pain .

  31. I have had 5 sinus surgeries. I mix hydrogen peroxide in a saline spray bottle. I seem to get some relief from this and am able to stave off so many infections.

  32. Whoever wrote this article is a complete moron. If you want to be taken seriously you need to learn proper English. You also need to learn basic medical facts. Nutrition has about the same amount of influence on a sinus infection as an ant has on nuclear physics. Please, for the sake of those uneducated enough to listen to you, stop giving medical advice.

    • He is recommending a diet that does not feed fungus. He knows exactly what he is talking about. He recommends a remedy, the nose spray, and diet to avoid fungal infection. Very sound. The moron is you.

  33. I just got diagnosed with 3 chronic sinusitis areas. Sphenoid, Ethmoid and a Deviated Septum. I need surgery, have been sick over a year. Cell count is down, nose pours out water when turn my head upside down, Dizziness can be severe, fever off and on. What can I expect from these surgeries and what kind.

  34. Regarding sinus rinse, this really works. Many of the oral antibiotics have been overused and are no longer effective. So the only good antibiotics left our intravenous. Because they have not yet been overused. But the intravenous antibiotics can be put in the nasal rinse and this really works. So the only good antibiotics left our intravenous. Because they have not yet been overused. But the intravenous antibiotics can be put in the nasal rinse. That worked a miracle for me. I was getting very sick, and concern that they were going to have to put me in the hospital on intravenous antibiotics. The doctor took a swab in my sinuses, had it cultured, and identified the bacteria I had. Then he found an intravenous antibiotic that worked extremely well to kill that bacteria. And also a skin topical antibiotic cream that worked to kill that bacteria. I put both the intravenous Antibiotic and the tube cream antibiotic In the nasal rinse twice per day. I use the Neil med squeeze bottle to be sure to get it up into my sinuses, The Netty pot is junk and a waste of time. Then I let it it stay there for a few minutes before I bent over and tilted my head and drained it. I did that for 28 days straight. Then we took a picture of my sinuses and showed me and they were pink and healthy as can be and I felt better than I felt in 15 years.

  35. Please help me. I have had a Sphenoid sinus infection for at least 5 miserable years. 5 years of low grade temperatures and many days of 101. The post nasal drip is driving me out of my mind and has caused my Larynx to become spasmodic. I have had 2 surgeries and antibiotics don’t touch it. I’ve been on steroids way to often and have exhausted all allergy medication and sprays. Sinus rinses are my life ring. My quality of life has been extremely effected and I don’t know how much longer I can keep working like this. Please tell me where to go or who can help I have exhausted all possibilities in my town I’m afraid.

  36. I’m having very uncomfortable “sore throat” pain at the very top and in the back of my soft palate. No redness or swelling. I just feel like I have a big ball of food I need to swallow and when I do, it hurts. Hot liquids burn. It seems to be at the top of and behind my uvula. Any suggestions as to what’s infected and how to cure. I’ve been gargling and using nettipot. Thanks

  37. PATIENT NAME: NAHID AGE/SEX: 28Y/ F DATE: 10/03/2018 REF BY: DR.
    Clinical history: tinnitus,
    Technique: Multiplan MR Images of the brain were obtained, including T1WI axial ,T2WI
    axial, sagittal and coronal as well as axial FLAIR.
    The supra and infra tentorial brain parenchyma is normal in morphology and signaling. No evidence of masses and vascular malformation.
    The ventricles systems are symmetric and normal width. No brain edema, no midline shift is seen. There is normal seller and supra seller region.
    There is unremarkable cranio-cervical transition zone.
    There are evidence of small sub-centimeteric mucosal retention cyst of right maxillary sinus and sphenoid sinus as well as mucosal thickening of nasal turbinates. The mastoid cells are clear.
    Bilateral enlargement of parotid glands is seen without abnormal signaling.
     There are evidence of small sub-centimeteric mucosal retention cyst of right maxillary sinus and sphenoid sinus as well as mucosal thickening of nasal turbinates.
     Bilateral enlargement of parotid glands is seen without abnormal signaling.
    This is a computer generated report, doesn’t need signature
    Dr.Sataruddin Najm Consultant Radiologist
    MD, KMU. Radiology speciality- BWZK, Koblenz, Germany

  38. I am 62 and have had sinus problems really bad since my 40’s. I now believe that my issue is blood sugar related. So if your blood sugar raises, and your insulin response is over-compensating by releasing too much insulin, it inflames your sinuses. I was actually testing my blood sugar with a glucose meter. I ate some potato chips and fritos, and BAM I got a doozy of a sinus infection. Although reactive hypoglycemia is supposed to be rare, I feel a lot of people who think they are carb sensitive, actually have this.

  39. I been suffered with bad headache for a period of 3months. I have CT scan and doctor says I may have sphenoid sinus. Pain on my head vision blurry makes me so worried. I’m waiting for the result from my MRI scan. Please I need a professional help and advised buzzy tingly noise in my head keeps me awake sometime. What to do i been doctor and only give me panadol and codine. Please I need help

  40. i have been suffering from chronic sinusitis from past 5 years.. and even undergone surgery 4 years ago…but i didnot feel any relief.. morover i became even more sentive towards allegies .. i oftenly get infections and they are severe ..im avoiding allergic things as much as possible..and practicing pranayama yoga..yet not finding complete cure…helm me out of this pleaseeee

  41. I have a sphenoid sinus problem. A Dr. Mann md in falmouth ma has worked on it before. I would like him to try again but have had trouble reaching him. Can you help

  42. I had sinus surgery and then 6 months later I went to a NUCCA chiropractor (upper cervical)
    I was getting better but then things got much worse. She (chiropractor) said if I make the wrong adjustment, it will herniated discs, that is EXACTLY what happened. I am scheduled for a cat scan of my sinuses, because now the sphenoid is being affected from injury and herniated discs. I need to talk to anyone that feels they have valuable information. Thank you, Debbie

  43. Pls … desperately searching for Dr that severs mucus gland nerve! My left sinus runs continuously! Pls help ! I’m drowning! Thank you, Nancy

  44. Wow read every post have had 2 sinus surgeries (1996 and 2000) – all made things worse – CAT scan recently showed spheniod sinus disease – at 57 – I will NOT do another surgery – I cough up these nasty hard crusty dark green globs – size of quarter now – every month or so – yes hurts like hell – last 2 I blew out through nose – All my sinuses stay swollen – I use alergy sprays , take musinex and drink enough water to float a boat – what gets that nasty glob out – after the pain of getting out – I feel better for at least 3 weeks – tried Nedi pot – that was a disaster –

  45. He is recommending a diet that does not feed fungus. He knows exactly what he is talking about. He recommends a remedy, the nose spray, and diet to avoid fungal infection. Very sound. The moron is you.

  46. Has anyone tried using HOCl nasal spray? It is used to clean wounds during surgery, and is antimicrobial, antibacterial and most important, anti-fungal. Also nebulizing with colloidal silver and nose cannula. One last suggestion, Vielight infra-red light for the nose.

  47. Has anyone tried using HOCl nasal spray? It is used to clean wounds during surgery, and is antimicrobial, antibacterial and most important, anti-fungal. Also nebulizing with colloidal silver and nose cannula. One last suggestion, Vielight infra-red light for the nose. Also, LDN may work in the same way as Neurontin, Cymbalta, as it works wonders for nerve pain, and is highly anti-inflammatory.

  48. Hello all,

    I too had been scouring the Internet for an answer to this problem that greatly affects my life every single day. I have a bad smell in my nose that also affects my taste. I have had it for about 4 years now. I saw many ENTs and had MRIs and CT scans. The bad smell is only in my left nostril. The conclusion for myself is that it is a neurological issue. If I invert my head, or put my head upside down, it puts pressure on my face/nose and it will make the smell go away for me. I usually lay on my bed face down and let my head hang down off the edge. I live with this affliction every day, but thankfully that trick has gotten me through. Blowing my nose will instantly trigger the smell for me. Laughing also is a trigger. I have found that cannabis also will take away the smell for me – I assume it calms the nerve(s) somehow. But I do not recommend that for a long-term solution. I hope my testimony helps anyone searching for relief. Look into neurological issues and you may find what you’re looking for.

    • Have you gone to different ENT’s for help?
      I’m very frustrated with this, i had a culture done and it came back bad but doctor said not bad enough to require antibiotics. Of course as of January 1 2023 they no longer take my insurance so after 3 years I’m at a loss at my next step.


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