Sinus Mask – Why We Love It (And You Should, Too!)

Sinus Mask or Pillow - Why We Love It!

A Sinus Mask (or Pillow) is used for comforting and calming both the mind and the body. This pillow comes with an adjustable head strap to provide the best level of comfort. It is also known as an Anti-Stress pillow which allows you to enjoy a soothing embrace.

The outer part is made up soft cotton which will pamper you. A Sinus Mask can actually do wonders to relieve stress and tension.It is recommended that a heated pillow should not be used over the eyes. People who have skin sensitivity, circulatory diseases or diabetes should take some medical advice before using a Sinus Pillow.


  • Lessens swelling and numbs torment
  • Heat mitigates sinus weight, blockage, and migraines
  • ​Can be utilized cool or warm
  • ​Endures 20-40 min

Do Sinus Masks Work?

Intended to offer those torment from sinus some assistance with paining, the Sinus mask fits the vast majority. It cover can likewise be utilized as a resting veil whether warm, to shut out light.

On the off chance that utilized for frosty treatment, the veil can help with mending wounds or eye surgeries to lessen swelling and numb torment.

The wrap will stay cool for 20-40 minutes, giving plentiful time for chilly treatment.

Heat treatment can help in mitigating sinus weight, diminishing clog and easing migraines by expanding course and unwinding muscles.

Sinus masks are prescribed for people who experience the ill effects of throbbing migraines in the sinus-locale, for example, behind the eyes or brow territory.

When to Use Sinus Mask?

  • Sinus Pain
  • Sinus Infections
  • Sinus Congestion​
  • ​Post Eye Surgery
  • ​Tranquilizer
  • ​Cerebral pains
  • ​Wounds
  • Migraine

Lessen Swelling

Go Ask Alice! The online wellbeing segment of Columbia University, reports that you can mitigate puffiness around and underneath the eyes by applying an alleviating, cool sinus mask. Store gel-filled masks intended for this reason in the icebox.

Haul one out at whatever point you require it, and permit it to lay on your puffy eyes for 10 to 20 minutes or until the gel no more feels cool. Some of these covers highlight mitigating home grown scents, for example, lavender, to improve unwinding.

Soothe Sinus Pain

Reports reveal that some with ceaseless sinus blockage went with a cerebral pain might discover help with warmth and weight. Glide a gel sinus mask in a dish of high temp water for a couple of minutes to exchange mitigating, sodden warmth to these difficult territories. For sinusitis with agony after introduction to cool, wet climate and bothered by warmth, utilize a frosty eye cover while resting with your head propped up.

Square Light

The Schiffert Health Centre of Virginia Tech prescribes utilizing a rest mask to block light that may somehow or another meddle with sleep. Light flags your body that it's a great opportunity to wake up, while your inner clock reacts to haziness by making you tired.

A 2010 Chinese report of patients in emergency unit members who wore a rest mask and ear plugs had hoisted levels of melatonin, the hormone that controls sleep, not so much excitement, but rather quicker eye development (REM) time.

How to Use Sinus Mask or Pillow

In order to feel relieved and get rid of tension headaches, use a warm Sinus Pillow over your forehead. In order to prevent your forehead from burning, microwave it for 30 seconds and reheat once it cools down.

Gently place the pillow over your temples and forehead to enjoy a soothing and relaxing experience. The Sinus Pillow will relax tense facial muscles and open up any blocked sinus passages.

After the Sinus Pillow has been heated in the microwave for 30 seconds, check it with your hand to make sure it does not burn. Never leave the Sinus Pillow in the microwave. Also keep in mind that the pillow may be much hotter inside as compared to the outer touch, so handle it with care.

Do not heat the pillow in the microwave for more than 1 minute.Cool Sinus Pillow is great for soothing puffy or tired eyes. Put the pillow in a clean and sealed bag and leave it in the freezer overnight.

Once it has cooled, apply it over your eyes and see the magic happened. It is recommended to use this pillow while you are napping or before bedtime. Enjoy the feeling of having a relaxed mind and body with a Sinus Pillow.

TOP 5 Sinus Masks - Our Choice

Perfect Collection Eye Pillow Mask Review



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Perfect collection’s Migraine Relief Eye Pillows is specially designed to serve as a non-medical and natural relief remedy for people who suffer from migraines. Made for both male and female use, this ‘device’ is the ideal solution to find relief from migraines and sinus pain. 

Perfect Collection’s Migraine Relief Eye Pillow is stuffed with flaxseed. Flaxseed has high oil content (30-40%) and this attribute enables it to maintain temperature changes for longer periods. The seeds, when warmed, exude moist heat that has therapeutic properties. And when cooled it remains as flexible you need it to be while remaining cold.

The unit’s flaxseed-filled bulk, coupled with its design and weight, makes it perfect for targeting pressure points on the face thereby alleviating pain caused by migraine and sinuses. As well, flaxseeds are smooth and small, together with a soft satin backing makes it both comfortable and gentle on even the most sensitive face.

Perfect Collection’s Migraine Relief Eye Pillow has other great uses: it could be worn around the neck to give respite from tension-induced headaches and also insomnia. And so you get double value for your money.

This product has an amazing longevity as flaxseeds do not crack under repeated heating and cooling conditions. It could also be microwaved.

Small enough to fit in a travel purse, Perfect Collection’s Eye pillow mask can be carried around very easily as it weighs just 1.6 pounds and measures 11 x 2 x 7 inches.


This product has a smell, which some have described as “buckwheat” but is not totally bad.

If you have a small head you may have trouble keeping this product in place on your head.

Those who suffer migraines know that they’ll give anything to ease the throbbing pain, and so if you are looking for relief from migraines and sinus pain, hot or cold: Perfect Collection has got you covered.

Elasto-Gel Sinus Mask Review



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The Elasto-Gel Sinus Mask is a flexible gel pack that is used as a treatment in the management of troublesome sinus problems. It is highly durable, and is composed of tough material that can be heated or kept cool without leading to any degradation of the material.

The gel pack that is contained within the mask is resistant to leakage, so damage to the mask does not lead to reduced efficacy of the product.

Product features

The Elasto-Gel Sinus Mask is a specially designed mask that sits comfortably over your eyes and the lower part of your forehead where the sinuses are located. This specific design allows targeted treatment in sinus problems.

The Elasto-Gel Sinus Mask works when it is either hot or cold. When placed on the sinuses, it can either improve blood flow if it is warm and can relieve pain when it is cold. A warm pack leads to dilatation of the blood vessels that supply the sinuses, and the improved blood flow can get rid of the inflammation producing substances, thus reducing pain.

Cold packs can reduce swelling and pain by reducing inflammation as well.

Often, sinus problems are accompanied by puffy eyes (bags around the eyes) and the Elasto-Gel Sinus Mask can help relieve this effectively.


The Elasto-Gel Sinus Mask is useful in managing sinus congestion, sinus pain, infections within the sinuses, headaches and is used by some as an aid to sleep.


One primary advantage of the Elasto-Gel Sinus Mask is that it can fit any individual regardless of the shape of their face. The mask has an elastic band along with Velcro making it easy to use. People suffering from sinus problems have found great relief of symptoms from using the mask. It is comfortable and customer reviews have all been positive in this respect.

The Elasto-Gel Sinus Mask is also useful in treating dry eyes and can provide relief for those who sit in front of a computer for long hours. When used cold, it provides effective relief from annoying headaches, including migraines.


Some individuals have found the mask quite heavy to wear. The cooling effect can last only 20 to 30 minutes, so users have suggested buying 2 or more of this as this can provide longer duration of relief of symptoms.

TheraPearl Face Mask Review



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Latest advancements and modification has made medication techniques much easier and convenient to be handled by the customers themselves without any experts supports. Pains, aches and migraine are the most common type of ailment suffered by the majority of the people in the world.

Pain and aches could be instantly relieved by medication but they do have harmful side effects too. What if a most simple and handy option with natural ingredient make your life a leisure, here goes with TheraPearl Face Mask which is a reusable mask to make you feel relaxed and avoid the stress caused by migraines or even visiting the spa for those hectic facials routine.

Just sit and relax with latest pearl technology whether throw it in the freezer for the moderate cooling sensation or pop it in the microwave for some heat wave wrapping.


If you are suffering from sinus, migraines or inflammation and tired of visiting the hospital every week than the TheraPearl Face Mask is definitely the right choice for you.

Moderate temperature whether hot or cold is resistible and conveniently hold the temperature to provide remarkable results.

Handy to freeze or tuck in the microwave for instant heat therapy.

 Provide instant pain reliefs from your face to get satisfactory results within your home premises.

Precise opening from eyes, nose and mouth provide easy adjustment of mask and Velcro strap help in fitting to every face size without any hassle.

The unique pearl technology packed in TheraPearl Face Mask is ancient therapy of heating and cooling effect from pearls in order to relief pain. It helps in recovering for facial scars and delivers a soothing effect after each therapy session.

Within 20 minutes TheraPearl Technology whether hot or cold therapy provides instant relief from aches without any annoyance. TheraPearl Face Mask is heat proves and regardless of intense heat and cold it stays smooth and softens the skin after every therapy. Soothing relief is frequent with TheraPearl Face Mask.

Pearl technology is astonishing natural therapy and with help of heat, it provide affectionate results. The heat therapies increase blood circulation, closes the open pores, relaxes the muscles and provides a flawless skin. It heals instantly and encourages effective blood circulation in order to get back to a healthier lifestyle.

From early ages ice has been used to stop or slow the blood flow after injury and help in decreasing the swelling. Ice is always helpful in relieving the pain decreasing the metabolic rates of cells to reduce the chances of cell death after injury.

Same does the TheraPearl Face Mask which helps in overcoming the swelling and lessens the bleeding of facial injuries. TheraPearl Face Mask targeted face therapy to relaxed the facial muscle and tighten the skin.

Kozy Collar Sinus Pillow Review



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The Scented Sinus Pillow by Kozy Collar holds an eminent position among other microwaveable eye masks; it is the mask used to alleviate puffy eyes and even sinus migraines. It can be utilized both in cold or hot forms. It effectively reduces temple pain and decreases swelling after a corrective working strategy. After heating the mask, it greatly eases dry eye side effects connected with Meibomian Gland Dysfunction or MGD and Blepharitis, diminishes nasal blockage, and soothes soreness once the swelling is diminished.

Features and Working:

The Sinus Pillow helps fight against sinus migraines by giving a considerably moist and warm feeling. By manual adjustments between heat and cold, we can vary the normal dampness of the mask. We can cool it in the cooler or refrigerator or pop it into the microwave. Microwaving it for 30 to 60 seconds alters its heat as required, mostly 30 seconds heating works the best for it.

The Sinus Pillow contains long grain white rice and flaxseed; also the fabric is made of 100% cotton material to make it more comfortable and user friendly. As an additional feature, Sinus Pillow by Kozy Collar is offered in both scented and non-scented versions.

The Scented Sinus Pillow by Kozy, as the name suggests, uses Lavender, Peppermint, Spearmint and Chamomile etc to add a light fragrance to this treatment. These are all naturally existing herbs, hence produce a calming, and mild fragrance. Mostly its scent is labeled as "sleepy time tea". The soft smell is especially calculated to avoid overpowering and sharp fragrances which might bring discomfort to the users after a while.

This famous Microwave Sinus pillow works the best if placed over your eyes and sinuses, or you can slide it up to cover your brows with it. Its flexible shape minimizes any trickles or breaks when kept on face. The specialists suggest around 20 minute’s time as the restorative temperature for best results.


The Sinus Pillow is considered to be one of the go-to remedies during sickness. It is remarked as incredibly soothing and effective according to the users’ opinions. Once used, it can easily become a part of your head arsenal. The pillow facilitates your sinuses to drain well and save you the trouble of mouth-breathing all night; which in return prevents you from dried throat and stuffy nose.


The practical use of this product comes with this minor discomfort of having a single cavity in its interior substance; hence it demands careful setting of holding and positioning the mask rightly up to your brows.

Another minor flaw arises for allergy patients who can’t stand its fragrance, but to minimize this flaw, Sinus Pillow is also available in non-scented version.

Karmick Hot or Cold Eye Mask Review



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This eye mask was made with lavender which is known to be a good agent of relaxant. As mention a while back it can be heated to give you more relaxing feel when you are super stressed.

And you can also put it into freezer to chill, which is good to lessen the puffiness of your tired eyes which also helps to improve the color of the dark circles in the long run. But beside these uses I mentioned, this eye mask was primary designed to completely block any amount of light that can enter your eyes and trigger the production of hormones that keep you up even on the time that you really wanted to sleep.

In the end the choice is still ours, even we have this help at hand, the luxury hot/cold eye mask, it is still up to us when to say enough and take rest. It is a given fact that we have to work hard to have a comfortable life but how will you able to enjoy a comfortable life if on the day of your retirement you will go directly to hospital because you didn’t take care of your health.

Yes, we only live once and it is good to accomplish as much but always keep in mind that we cannot buy health or even an extra hour to extend our lives. But we can afford a good sleep induced by a good eye mask as Luxury Hot / Cold Eye Mask by Karmick.

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