SinuPulse Elite Review 2022 -The Best System for Nasal Irrigation?

One of the effective treatments for sinusitis is nasal irrigation. Irrigation can prevent stagnation of mucus, carry out its liquefaction and speed up excretion. At home, specialists recommend the use of water-jet rinsing of the nasal cavity. And today we are reviewing a device that allows you to make nasal irrigation at home quickly, comfortably and more efficiently. We will talk about SinuPulse Elite Advanced Nasal Sinus Irrigation Systems.



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Why do you need SinuPulse Irrigator?

Nasal irrigation is necessary in the following cases:

  • Inflammation of the nasal sinuses (including sinusitis);
  • Acute viral diseases, accompanied by a runny nose;
  • Allergic rhinitis;
  • Vasomotor rhinitis;
  • Ozena (fetid rhinitis). It is a progressive atrophic process with the formation of crusts from the secretion with an unpleasant odor;
  • Prophylaxis of sinusitis and rhinitis, as well as seasonal inflammatory diseases, which are transmitted by airborne droplets.


Irrigation should not be done, in the following cases:

  • The presence of inflammation of the inner ear;
  • Propensity to nosebleeds;
  • Complete obstruction of the nasal passage;
  • Presence of tumor formations;
  • Individual intolerance of components entering into solutions.

Important: Do not wash your nose before going out. In the warm season after washing, you must stay indoors for at least half an hour. During the winter period, remain at home for one or two hours. This is because even with proper washing, a small amount of water stays in the sinuses. If you go out immediately after the procedure, you are at risk of local supercooling of the nasal sinuses.

How does it work?

SinuPulse pulses!

Irrigator forms a thin pulsating jet of water. Pulsations are so short (usually 1200 micro pulses per minute) that they are invisible. The pulsation creates micro-hydraulic impacts. This pulsating allow more efficient removal of stagnant mucus than it does by usual mono jet.

Also, there are dozens of studies on the best efficiency of pulsating irrigation over other methods of sinus rinse. Here is a list of additional literature and studies on pulsating irrigation.

In short - it works and works well.

How Effective is SinuPulse Elite?

This is quite effective. Most patients, after several sessions, confirm the cleansing of the sinuses and ascertain the general relief.

Rinsing the nose prevents the formation of crusts from the secretion and prevents the drying of the sinuses. If mucus blocks the nasal passage, then ideal conditions for the development and spread of infection are created. Also, rinses serve to reduce the swelling of tissues in the nose.

Can I use it for children?

Yes, absolutely. You can do nasal irrigation to children, with the help of SinuPulse from the age of five. If the child has sinusitis or nasal congestion, then Sinupulse will contribute to remove the discharge, which in turn will reduce the adenoids and tonsil hypertrophy. At the very end, many otolaryngologists recommend that children should have nasal irrigation.

In time made nasal irrigation, reduces the need for antibiotic and other medications, for the treatment of sinusitis.

How often should I use SinuPulse ?

A healthy person is recommended to wash his nose daily, and it is best to do this in the morning, before meals, as part of daily hygiene procedures.

If you have sinusitis, then to stop the disease, you can wash your nose 3-4 times a day, about an hour or two after eating.

How does it feel? Is it painful or unpleasant?

After several procedures, I would not say that it is painful or uncomfortable. It's a little strange feeling, but it's pretty nice. The solution should be warm. In fact, it should be the temperature of your body. This temperature has a calming effect. The pulsating flow of water gently rinses and cleanses the nasal passages and sinuses. Not immediately, but in a few minutes (it took me 10-15 minutes) you will feel a complete cleansing, the ability to breathe deeply through your nose.

You might think that this is similar to the feeling of how water gets in your nose, for example, in a swimming pool. But this is not that feeling. The fact is that if your nose gets plain water, then it is really painful and even harmful. But the correct concentration of saline, close to the salinity of the internal organs, does not cause irritation and pain. On the contrary, it is a pleasant feeling of warmth. And after the procedure, it's a nice feeling of purity and relief.

Saline solution for SinuPulse Irrigation System

SinuAir is a saline powder, contains sodium, potassium and calcium salts mixed in the right proportion. According to the studies, these ingredients and their proportions are ideal for the effective cleansing, moistening of nasal passages and sinuses and enhancing ciliary function.

Complete with SinuPulse you get 30 packets of SinuAir. But you are free to choose the saline solution of other manufacturers. Or even you can use a solution of your own preparation (carefully with proportions).

SinuPulse Elite vs Neti-Pot

Consider the main advantages when using sinupulse.

In the first place, this is an adjustable pressure of the supplied saline solution directed into the nasal cavity. With the help of a special control knob, you can control this process.

The pulsating action is something that can not be given by neti-pot. The jet of solution is fed at a rate of 20 pulses per second. This action cleans the biofilm much more efficiently inside the nasal sinuses. Studies confirm that the effectiveness of pulsating nasal rinses is up to 100 times more efficient than conventional flushing, with the usual neti-neti pot.

Neti-pot will help you rinse your nose, but it can not effectively remove the biofilm and cleanse the bacteria.

The main advantage of neti-pot is that it is cheap. And its main drawback is that its effectiveness in cleansing the nasal sinuses is limited, and it will be able to provide only short-term assistance.

Where to buy SinuPulse

I conducted research and compared the prices for SinuPulse in the following stores: Kohl, Wallmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walgreen and CVS. And I found that the availability and best price for SinuPulse was on Amazon.

5 thoughts on “SinuPulse Elite Review 2022 -The Best System for Nasal Irrigation?”

  1. thank you for the review after purchasing sinupulse I have been infection free for almost a year for the first time in years I am convinced its getting rid of the biofilm and bacteria which nothing else was able to do

  2. Did my research and discovered there is little clinical support for the many nasal wash products other than its probably a good idea. I looked further and discovered a large clinical study conducted at UCSD Medical Center that determined the SinuPulse would be the most effective with patients reporting improvement in nearly 8 of 10 nasal symptoms. I purchased it and have never felt better thanks for giving me the information

    Patients report significant improvements in nearly 80% of their nasal symptoms

    Clinical Study and Literature Review of (Pulsatile) Nasal Irrigation*
    Lance T. Tomooka MSIV Claire Murphy PhD Terence M. Davidson MD
    Published: 02 January 2009


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