Sinus Pressure Points – Quick Relief, Without Side effects.

Sinus congestion can cause a great deal of discomfort and stress. You want to make sure that you limit the effects of sinus congestion as much as possible. Typically, people will choose medication for this. It does not work as well as one might hope, though. They come with side effects and they merely cover the symptoms rather than helping to  alleviate them.

Pressure points exist all over the body and have numerous benefits when you apply pressure. One such benefit is the relief of congestion. These pressure points are discovered everywhere throughout the body, including, the face, head, arms, hands and neck.


Sinus pressure points can be used to treat various sinus issues, from mild conditions, for example, a runny nose or slight uneasiness, to more severe sinus conditions. For example, rhinitis, sinus headaches, relieve sinus pain or tension and blockages. Some pressure points can help with nasal congestion.

Below is demonstrated to you an attempt to clarify how it functions and what you can expect while squeezing or kneading the weight point.


Point 1: “Third Eye Point” it’s
between your eyes

Found simply over the extension of the nose, in the middle  of your forehead between eyebrows, you will have the capacity to feel the edges of the eyebrows meet up. You can press this point or tap it for around a moment.

It has the impact of offering the bodily fluid to discharge appropriately, some assistance with preventing the sinuses going away and getting to be aggravated. It is likewise an extraordinary point to press for forestalling colds and rhinitis.

Fast Fact: You can abuse a weight point for some employments. Martial specialists rapidly debilitate assailants by utilizing a basic yet constrained push on a pressure point. Incitement of weight indicates likewise diminishes torment and helps with back rub treatment.

Point 2: Any side of the Nostrils

Found just to the side of the nostril; press both sides down in the meantime. It will encourage the sinuses to deplete all the more adequately and is incredible for soothing agony in behind the cheeks. Utilize two fingers and press against these focuses with your index fingers fingers at 90 degrees to the face.

This is an incredible point for alleviating weight from the Maxillary Sinuses and it enhances course in the zone. Squeezing this point routinely likewise averts respiratory ailments.

Point 3: Nose Bridges

These focuses are situated at the exceptionally top of the nose, exactly at the point where the nose associate with the edge of the eyebrows. To actuate this point, press in and upwards.

Point 4: Under your Cheeks

Found specifically underneath the understudy, this point can be found by following the way underneath the cheek until you locate a delicate point. The point will probably be very delicate when squeezing in and upwards again the cheek.

Point 5: Philthrum

This is a spot a considerable lot of you will know. It’s found simply under the nose. There is a little depression that you can feel on your upper lip. To actuate this point press in and upwards against the base of the nose. This point is incredible in case you’re going to wheeze or you feel sensitivities going ahead.

Point 6: Eyebrows

This point or rather, territory is situated along the edge of the eyebrow. An old shiatsu method places weight along this edge. Press upwards with your thumbs and gradually move outwards. It’s an awesome weight point for easing weight behind the eyes.

Sinus Pressure Points on The Neck and Head

There are a few extraordinary pressure points for easing sinus pressure connected with sinus conditions on the neck and around the base of the skull. These pressure points are situated in the cavity like, delicate points as the neck meets the skull. Basically there are 2 points that you can use to relieve from conditions regarding sinus conditions.

Point 1

This is a point specifically amidst the neck and straight up the top where it meets the skull. You can actuate it by squeezing the point in the middle of the highest point of the spine and the skull with your thumb. Hold it down for around 5 minutes.
It’s a phenomenal point for directing breathing patterns, slackening tension in the head and for the most part alleviating side effects of sinusitis. It likewise battles the impacts of the common cold. It has an extra advantage of supporting mental clarity.

Point 2

Another extraordinary point to mitigate sinus pressure is on the neck close to the base of the skull, these points are found either side of the highest point of the neck point.

To find this point, place both of your thumbs on your top of the neck point and gradually bring them separated, after the line of the base of the skull outwards until you feel cavity like points.

You thumbs will be around 3 inches or 7-8 centimeters separated at this point. To actuate the point, press in and up a tiny bit. The pressure point will probably feel delicate as of right now. Press and hold for around 5 minutes.

Feet and Legs

Using the points in your feet and legs, you can have effective and quick relief from sinus congestion without negative side effects.

  • The Toes: You will find the pressure points on the toe tips. Squeezing your tips of the toes for a limit amount of time one by one helps in draining the sinus. Furthermore, this pressure point helps in the prevention of sinus infection in times to come.
  • The Toe Nails: The toe nails also has numerous pressure points, which when pressed, helps in circulation in the region where there is sinus. These pressure points help in unclogging and draining away the sinus present in the human body. But make sure you press the pressure points in this area lightly and that will do the trick for you.
  • Balls of the Feet: The feet balls are the best pressure points. When these pressure points are pressed, it helps in draining the middle and inner ear. Also, if your Eustachian tubes are blocked, this point helps in unblocking them. Gently rub and massage the balls of your feet. But if you let someone else do it for you that will be much better.
  • The Upper outside Shin: It’s sometimes not easy to find this point. Moving downward from the knee cap slow to feel the shin bone’s top. Moving a bit further downwards, a little on the outside to the left and right side of your leg. You will come across a point where the shin meets with the leg’s muscle. Now try to find the corner that is located at the top on the shin’s outside. This point needs to be pressed. This point will more likely be tender than the surrounding points. This vital point helps greatly if you have a sinus condition.

Although the acupressure is a known therapy, still it would be wise of you if you seek expert advice on the matter. Self-treatment can sometimes has its downside so you need to be care and take proper consultation for better results.


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