Mabis Personal Steam Inhaler – Review 2022

In the modern world, an increasing number of people use inhalers to treat their children or for self-treatment. The inhaler is such a device, with the help of which we can afford better treatment of respiratory tract infections. It is known that with the help of inhalation of warm vapors were treated since ancient times. And Today we will talk about the Mabis Steam Inhaler.



Our raiting

In what cases will the steam inhaler help you?

If you have:

  • Sinusitis
  • Respiratory ailments
  • Common cold
  • ​Sore throat
  • ​Cough
  • ​Allergies
  • ​Flu
  • ​Laryngitis
  • Bronchitis
  • Asthma

In these cases, the inhaler will definitely help you.

Design in such things does not really excite people. But Mabis personal steam inhaler vaporizer is stylish and ergonomic. The plastic case, pleasant to the touch, is made in purple and white. The quality of plastic is an "average level." We can say that all materials from which the device is made are of medium quality. With proper handling, the device will last a long time.

The water tank has a capacity of 25ml. Aromatherapy Tank Capacity: 60 ml. This is enough for a 6-9 minutes therapy session. In a separate tray, we can add a few drops of essential oils. This will improve the effectiveness of aromatherapy.

It is possible to reduce or increase the temperature of the vapor steam supplied. To do this, you can lengthen (colder) or shorten (hot) the tube with a mask. There are no other temperature regulators. But there is a regulator of the amount of steam.

Standard Mabis Inhaler mask

The native mask is latex free, and it's enough soft and flexible. This is an entirely adequate mask that covers the mouth and nose. But it does not cover the whole face. For the entire face, an additional, large mask is sold separately. Some users warn of a slight smell of plastic from the mask. We found that three drops of eucalyptus oil in the Aroma Tank ultimately deprives all extraneous odors.

The additional Mabis Face Mask for Steam Inhaler is bigger. And It is sold separately. This steam mask also promotes healthier skin. Its purple flexible mask 3.10 x 7.60 x 7.40 Inches.

How long does inhalation last?

Mabis personal steam inhaler allows you to conduct a therapy session for 6-9 minutes. With Mabis this time is enough.

And that's why:

In the first place, a sufficiently large amount of steam is released (which you can reduce).

Secondly, the Mabis produces a good intensity of the vapor steam, which concentrates in the mouth/nose area. Because of the small amount of steam, using other inhalers, the session can last 10-15 minutes.

Is there enough of steam produced by the Mabis?

Oh yeah. Of all the tested inhalers, Mabis cough and cold steam inhaler produces more vapor among its competitors. Mabis, is definitely, provides more amount of steam in comparison with MyOurMist and Vicks Steam Inhaler. And it provides more moisture in your sinuses. It produces steam quickly and at the right pace. This is a plentiful, not boiling, not high pressure, but a comfortable flow of steam.

With the longest tube length, the temperature of the outgoing steam is 109.0 ° F (42.8 ° C). For some users, this may seem hot. We contacted the support service of the manufacturer. And they confirmed to us that the device is optimized for working with such a vapor temperature. This is such a feature.

PRO Tip! Because of the abundance and intensity of the vapor, you can burn yourself with steam. We do not recommend immediately immerse the face in the mask completely. It is enough to place a face with a couple of inches from the mask.

After the initial session, you can easily find a comfortable distance between the face and the mask.

The inhaler needs 60 seconds to create a warm moisture steam from water or saline. The flow goes through a small nozzle and provides a comfortable, warm mist flow. It produces steam quickly and at the right pace. During the production of steam, the device itself remains quite cold.

Also, we noticed that occasionally the device "spits." This happened when the steam was heated to the maximum temperature. If you do not immerse your face deep in the mask, it will not hurt you. Small drops are more effective for inhalation of the nose. Larger drops are better suited for oral inhalation. In the kit is a measuring glass. Its size is 25ml. If you pour more water than necessary, it will also flow out or "spit."

Aromatherapy with Mabis Inhaler

For medical purposes, it is very effective to use a flow of steam mixed with essential oils. Experimental research shows antibacterial and antiviral effects of aromatherapy. You can use your favorite essential oil with Mabis healthcare steam inhaler. For this purpose, a separate tray is provided. In contrast, for example, from Vicks, in which you can use only branded expensive inhalation pads.

What is the advantage of a separate Aroma Tank?

Firstly, it is convenient to add or dosage of essential oil. Secondly, the plastic water tank will be less prone to wear. Instead of essential oils or fragrance oils, you can add Alkalol. This drug is great for sinusitis.

The best essential oils for inhalation:

Breathe Blend

Eucalyptus essential oil

For the sinusitis treatment, studies have shown the effectiveness of the tea tree essential oil.

Will Mabis help me? The efficiency of the device.

This inhaler actually works and realy helps the patients. In some of my patients, it takes three days for some up to a week. You can safely use this device up to 3 times a day. The inhalation sessions definitely bring relief and purify the sinuses.

What else?

The manual was in English and Spanish; it contains enough detailed instructions on how to use and care for the device.

Manufacturer (formerly Briggs Healthcare, Mabis, DMI) gives a 3-year limited warranty.

The power of the device is 300 watts, which is slightly stronger than its closest competitors. Therefore, the mabis produces a more saturated vapor stream. The product is protected against overheating. It turns off when the critical temperature is reached.


Having a fairly ergonomic and pleasant design, not expensive, in comparison with its competitors, Mabis, still is a real medical device for steam inhalation. And it does a good job of his appointment. Buying an additional mask, can not only do steam inhalations but also take care of the skin. We recommend it for purchase.


  • Good looking device;
  • Produce more steam, compared to other inhalers;
  • ​Separate aroma tank for fragrance and essential oils;
  • ​Easy to remove the tanks and clean;
  • Good price/quality ratio
  • Adjustment amount of steam


  • At first, a possible smell of plastic from the mask.
  • It can spit a little with water.
  • The temperature of the steam is regulated only by the length of the tube.

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  1. Is this a dual voltage (120 VAC/240 VAC) device? And if not what is the wattage? Need to be able to use in Europe …. a step up transformer might be too expensive, an adapter is doable.

  2. First time use of Mabus Personal Steamer was for 4 minutes. In that time, the internal water heater tank became dry; the Aromatherapy tank became frozen in place. There was no way to clean the A. tank or fill it with H2O. Amazon won’t allow t-party sales to be returned!!! Marty


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