Sinus Infection Contagious? Yes and No. Read Why

Sinuses are air passages located behind the nose, below the eyes and on the cheekbones. Sinus infections can be attributed to colds and allergies. When mucus starts to form on the lining of the sinus, bacteria starts to build up and would eventually cause infection. When infected, it can cause headaches and pain on the part of cheek, eyes or the upper teeth.


Sinus Infection Without Congestion

Sinusitis infection without congestion can happen when there is just a minimal amount of mucus allowing the passage of air. It can also be possible in the absence of polyps that cause blocking of the air passage. Polyps are swollen skin that appears like grapes and causes blocking of the air and sometimes it can also block the part of the nose responsible for smelling.

What Sinus Infection is Contagious?

Before answering this question, let’s try to discuss the two types of sinusitis infection and try to differentiate it from each other. Sinus infection can be categorized as Viral and Bacterial.

Viruses are contagious.

It can transfer to one person to another during its active point. It may be easily transferred but how it affects the next person is variable. If the person has a stable and unshakeable immune system, he will surely not be affected. Remember that colds can be transferred from one person to another during cold seasons. The immune system can also be paralyzed when it is unusually cold.

The possibility of catching colds and developing cough is high during winter. Given the fact that a cold season can contribute more to the risk of being sick easily, the infection can also build faster during this time.

Bacterial sinus infection is not contagious because, unlike viruses, bacteria can be contained. It cannot be transferred by air.


Basic Prevention Measures Against Sinus Infection and Colds

dangerSome people might be wondering if they can catch sinusitis infections like colds. The answer to this is variable. Again, it all boils down to the status of your immune system.

Sinusitis infections often follow a cold when not taken cared of immediately.

Colds can weaken your immune system. If the person has a weak immune system, it is remarkably easy for bacteria and viruses to penetrate. Most of the time this infection is a result of one’s diet. Fried and starchy foods can cause infection.


If a person wants to stay away from any types of sickness, he has to be healthy. Observing a strictly healthy diet is extremely beneficial. To build your defenses from colds, cough and other allergies that can lead to sinusitis infection, he has to eat foods rich in vitamin A. Avoid too many carbohydrates and dairy products.

Eating a small amount of meat especially when fried will also lessen the possibility of having sinus infections. Water therapy is also the best solution to wash out bacteria and mucus on the throat when cold is starting to form.


Doctors always say that prevention is better than cure. Now, the person is already aware of the things that cause sinus infection, check your diet and start changing it to a more conscious and healthier one.

Always bring a hand sanitizer and make it a habit to wash your hands regularly. This way he can be sure that he is eliminating all sorts of sickness causing germs and bacteria.

Sinusitis is particularly common and is not serious, but he should not take it for granted. Remember that deadly illnesses sometimes start from a simple complication until it becomes a real threat.

12 thoughts on “Sinus Infection Contagious? Yes and No. Read Why”

  1. Thanks for the much needed explanation!

    As soon as I feel symptoms of sinus infection coming on, I take Musinex D and the next day, I am symptom free What a good feeling to be able to rely on such a product.

  2. I have a severe sinuses,and I have drained them for several times but I’m still suffering,please I really need help,my last opp was on 2013 09

    • I have the same problem & have suffered for years. My allergist turned me on to Neil Med extra strength sinus rinse, using the spray bottle twice a day and it works so well. Give it a try…I’m sure you will be amazed. In addition to that, I take an antihistamine (Xyzal) daily & use Flonase steroid spray twice a day, after my sinus rinse. My sinuses are so much better!!

  3. I am a chronic sinus infection sufferer. I don’t get colds. I wish I did. I get at least 5-10 a year. I have a retention cyst in my maxillary sinus.I always wonder if that’s why I always get the infections. . I also have allergies and the only medication that helps is nasonex which my insurance doesn’t cover. I really wish there was a way to prevent this. .and I’m a germaphobe

  4. I would like to see references for research related to the diet suggestions for the prevention of sinusitis. I have a hard time believing some of the information provided is evidenced based.

  5. I have started itching my nose a lot in the last few days and when i felt inside my right nostril i felt 2or 3 tiny little hard bits that hurt when you touch or try to pick them,and now my girlfriend says she has also got the same thing. Can you help us please.stephen.

  6. Another thing that can help reduce the spread of colds and other respiratory infections is to wear a mask like you have pictured. This helps to reduce the spread and inhalation of microbes that can make you sick and lead to things like sinus infections. I also like your point about how trying to maintain a healthy diet can help to keep your immune system strong to reduce the chances of infection. I’ll be sure to keep your tips in mind for when something is going around the office.

  7. I m suffering sinus since last year. It’s a bacterial sinus in my maxillary sinus.. I don’t know what the doctors doing.. It cause a lot of problem.. Regular cold.. And a different type of cough come unstoppable.. Please tell me how to use those med and which one is good for me..

  8. I have sinus problems,but sinus spread to Dec to march.this time I have haadache,left side backporsion pain,eye socket pain with nausea.plz help me sir.and suggest me.

  9. I think that sinus problems are some of the worst to have at times! It’s something that you never think about much until it’s not working. I’m glad that there are treatments to help with sinus problems.

  10. Thank you for your advices

    I will fix my balance diet. Maybe it could help reduces sinus irrititation.


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