Chronic Sinusitis – What is the difference? How to Treat?

Have you ever had a sinus infection and wondered what it would be like to suffer with that for 8 weeks or more? That is exactly what people with chronic sinus have to deal with on a regular basis. Because of the size of their nasal passages, almost all of them are forced to be in the constant state of having a sinusitis infection.

There are treatment options if this is something that you suffer from. Use the following article as a guide in order to get rid of your sinus problems and hopefully remove the chronic issue that will make it harder to breathe in general.

Chronic Sinusitis Symptoms

the chronic sinusitis problemWhen it comes to having chronic sinusitis, the only symptom that makes it any different from a sinus infection is the length of time.

Chronic diseases, in this particular case, are considered to be suffering for 8 weeks or longer. Therefore, if you have had the inveterate sinus problem for over 8 weeks, you are definitely going to need to seek treatment of some sort.

If you are unfamiliar with the symptoms that can come from a sinus contagion, they include a pain and pressure build up in the head. Typically this is due to excess fluid accumulating in the head and nasal cavities which makes people feel like they are almost bloated in the head.

Some people actually have serious headaches because of the amount of fluid build up and the disproportionate size of their head and nasal cavities.

Other people with serious problems experience fevers and drainage from all parts of the nasal passage. This can be inconvenient and problematic for many people so it is a good idea to avoid this for any period over 8 weeks. Make sure that you speak to a doctor immediately if you think that you are going to be suffering for more than a few weeks as it could be a sign of a chronic problem.

Chronic Sinusitis Treatments

There are many treatment options for   chronic sinus, but the majority of them will start off with something that is less invasive and more informative in nature.

Many of the doctors that will try to help you to avoid your problem are more interested in helping to find out where the obstruction is and how they can help you to avoid it as soon as possible.

Getting rid of the obstruction is not a difficult task if you are able to do an endoscopy. This is a special tube-like instrument that is used to go through your nasal passages until you are able to find out what you are looking for.

The vast majority of people who are dealing with chronic problems don’t even realize it until the doctor sees the blockage in their passages. Sometimes this could be within the second or third week, which is much better than finding out at the 8th week!

Discomfort of Chronic Sinusitis

If you are suffering from the discomfort that is associated with chronic sinus, it is a good idea for you to make sure that you are visiting a doctor as soon as you possibly can. There are few other options for you to take if you cannot see what is causing the issue.

More importantly, if you are not able to avoid the problems, you are never going to be able to rest in peace. The nasal cavities will be full and you will have some serious issues.

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  1. I have had this problem for one year and nine months, went to a ENT and was told I was fine. So recently had a CAT scan because my neck hurt and I have a lump. The results came thru my patient portal. Findings, right chronic sphenoid sinusitis. Have yet to speak to my doctor. Should I just go to ENT ASAP.


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