Ethmoid Sinus Infection – Overview, Symptoms and Treatment

You might know that the sinuses are the air-filled cavities in the head. There are four sets of them which are:Ethmoid sinusesMaxillary sinusesFrontal sinusesSphenoid sinuses Table of ContentsWhat Is Ethmoid Sinusitis?Causes of Ethmoid SinusSymptoms of Ethm´╗┐oid SinusitisCan Ethmoid Sinus Disease Cause Headaches?Ethmoid Sinusitis DiagnosisPreventing Ethmoid SinusitisTreating Ethmoid SinusitisOver-the-Counter TreatmentsNatural/Home RemediesDiet for controlling Ethmoid SinusitisPrecautions:Prescription TreatmentsEthmoid … Read more

Viral or Bacterial Sinus Infection? What the Difference?

What is the difference between viral and bacterial sinusitis?Obviously, the first difference is the pathogen that caused the inflammation of the facial sinuses. It may be a virus or bacterium. Each type of inflammation occurs and must be treated differently. So, what are the differences and why these two kinds of inflammation cured differently? Viral vs … Read more