Sinus Infection in Kids. Your Child and Sinusitis

Inflammation of the maxillary sinus is very common childhood disease. So it is critical to know how to cure sinus infection in kids. But initially, it is necessary to identify the origin of the disease since different causes require different treatment. Sinus infection – it is a disease resulting from inflammation of nasal mucous membrane and … Read more

Dry Sinuses – Feel Pain and Dryness in a Mouth


Sinuses are air passages located behind the nose, below the eyes and on the cheekbone. These are extremely sensitive parts. During a sinus infection, the swollen tissues are causing irritation, and sometimes pain around the eyes and in the upper part of the teeth. Most common symtoms than you have dry sinuses:dry mouth is the most … Read more

Sinus Infection Symptopms – Learn and Stop

During some parts of the year, the weather can get so bad that sinus infections become a common occurrence. Millions of people worldwide have to deal with different health problems due to the elements, but it helps to know how to solve certain problems. When considering sinusitis infection symptoms, keep in mind that catching them … Read more

Sinus Pressure – Why it Exists?

There are many causes of sinus pressure, but there is one major issue that can be uncomfortable and problematic. If you have a sinus infection, it is a good idea for you to make sure that you are able to get rid of the problems as soon as possible. One of the main reasons is … Read more

Green Mucus – How to Get Rid of it?

Winters across the globe get very cold and cause people all types of health issues. One of the most common health problems is the sinus infection, which causes excess green mucus and other things that are not only uncomfortable, but also unsanitary. It is a good idea to understand green phlegm in order to better … Read more

Sinus Pressure – Easy Steps To Bring Relief

pressure caused by sinusitis

The sinuses are air passages located in the face; behind the eyes, behind the nose and on the cheekbones. These passages have a thin layer of skin, which can be irritated when bacteria or fungi has penetrated. There are two causes of the easy penetration of bacteria. One of the causes is dryness. When the … Read more

Dizziness as A Symptom and Result of Sinus Infection

Dizziness sinusitis

Sinus infection is one common problem in the air passage causing headache and irritating pain on the face, behind the nose, around the eyes and sometime on the upper teeth. This can be a result of colds and allergies. People who experience this can also experience fever or flu. Dizziness Sinus infection can be associated … Read more