Sphenoid Sinusitis: One of The Most Dangerous Sinus Infection

Sphenoid sinuses are just behind the skull, above the nasopharynx and just below the pituitary gland. It is difficult to identify  diseases in this part because of its location. In front of the sphenoid sinuses are the ethmoid sinuses.  


Symptoms of Sphenoid Sinusitis

Symptoms of sphenoid sinusitis are also the same with other sinuses. The patient may experience colds, mucus discharge and weakened sense of smell.

A person can only determine if the infection has reached the sphenoid when he feels the pain on top of your head or at the back of the neck. This part of the sinus cannot be infected easily.

The basic explanation for this is its location. It would be hard for bacteria or viruses to reach it because the location is not that  easy to penetrate.

It is not easy to diagnose sphenoid sinusitis. The doctor needs to get a sample of blood or sweat to know if there are traces of bacteria and fungus in the sinus. Another way to know the condition of the sphenoid is by CT Scan.

Sphenoid sinusitis should not be taken for granted because progressive growth of the infection can cause neurological damage. Of all the sinuses, the sphenoid is one of the most sensitive because of the connection between the sinus and the optic nerve.

Cysts can be found on the Sphenoid Sinus.

sphenoid-sinusitisCysts are particularly common on the sinuses. They are pocketlike tissues containing liquid or semisolid materials inside. Even a person who never complained about any sinus complications may have cysts.

They are not harmful. Few numbers of cysts in the sinuses cannot cause any complications.

It can only be considered as harmful when it is growing in number and has already started blocking and stopping the reproduction of healthy cells. In order for a person to know if cysts are present in your sinuses, he has to undergo CT Scan.

Surgical Operation for Sphenoid Sinus

For surgical operations involving sphenoid sinus, it can be extremely risky. It can be found just below the brain. Surgery can causeus Infection the leakage of the cerebral fluid called CSF. The CSF surrounds the brain. When leaking occurs, the best way to stop it is to take complete bed rest. When the leakage don’t stop, the patient should undergo brain surgery.

sphenoid-sinuses-tumor The good thing about sphenoid sinus is its location. Because it is far away from the surface, it is not easy for unwanted sickness-causing organisms to penetrate to its surface, unlike the maxillary sinus that serves as the first part of the passage.

Being aware of the symptoms of the sphenoid sinus infections can be extremely useful. When the maxillary sinus starts to show signs of fungal infection, try to observe if an evasive fungus caused it. This fungus can spread and contaminate even the healthy tissues.

If the infection remains for longer, it has a tendency to spread to other parts of sinuses. This can be terribly dangerous if it reaches the sphenoid. If it has affected all the sinuses, it would not be easy to treat it and let it heal all at once.

Prevention is always better than cure. A person has to eat healthy foods. He has to abstain from eating too much fried and starchy foods. There are foods that can cause and can worsen sinus infections like dairy products. If we just take the needed amount and get rid of the excess, it will be easy for us to avoid illnesses such as this.


  1. Matt says

    Hello Please tell me what I can do to get rid of sphenoid sinus as far as medication nutrition ect please I would really appreciate the feed back thank you

  2. Joyce Drayton says

    Thank you for helping me to understand my diagnosis. Mild mucoperiosteal thickening in the nostril of the left sphenoid sinus
    Still need to understand the mild much periosteum and mild specification in left l
    Posterior ethnocide air cell nasal system. I was put on prenoidsone for 14 days. Can you give me more detail on diagnosis?

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