Dry Sinuses – Feel Pain and Dryness in a Mouth

Sinuses are air passages located behind the nose, below the eyes and on the cheekbone. These are extremely sensitive parts. 

During a sinus infection, the swollen tissues are causing irritation, and sometimes pain around the eyes and in the upper part of the teeth. Most common symtoms than you have dry sinuses:

  • dry mouth is the most common
  • dried up sinus drainage
  • sinus pain.

More often than not, infections are results of bacteria build ups often formed because of the presence of mucus in the sinus. When experiencing this, the person gets clogged nose and congestion. There is another sinus infection where there is no feeling of congestion, no mucus and no clogs: the dry sinus infection.

Dry, but the pain is still present..dry-nose-pain

Dry sinuses is the condition when the cause of the infection is not the presence of mucus but allergies. There might be no clogs, but the pain is still present. This infections can be associated with dry nasal lining. Usually, the nose does not totally dry the mucus all the time.

  • There must be enough to keep the moist inside the nasal passage. When the nose is dry, it is easy for bacteria and viruses to penetrate. This now becomes the cause of  infection.

When in a hot and dry place, and in other cases when a person smokes a cigarette, the mucus in the nose dries up and will not be able to do its functions to filter the air that passes. It allows the entry of unwanted germs or bacteria.

In this case, the mucus producing part of the nose stops because the dry mucus blocks it. The result of this, when not treated earlier, is the formation of dry mucus on the opening that will then trigger infections.

dry-nose-painWhen the opening of the nose is dry, the nasal passage is also dry. This may cause pain in the lining of the nasal and sinus. A dry mouth can be a symptom of sinusitis infection. Another cause of this is the low humidity of the place.

A 2015 study, for example, showed that increasing humidity levels to 43 percent or above significantly reduced the ability of airborne viruses to cause flu and sinus infections. In fact, in a low humidity environment, 70-77 percent of viruses could transmit the disease through coughs, but when humidity was increased to 43 percent or more, that number dropped to only 14 percent.

Drinking water can lessen the possibility of having dry mouth and throat. Turning your place into a comfortable house with enough humidity can also help in the treatment of this.

Be safe, use humidifier for your home.

My top of the best humidifiers:

First – Honeywell Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier

Second – Whole House Aprilaire 500 Humidifier

If the patient is a smoker, he should stop because the nicotine can also dry mouth and the nasal passages. Preventing it while it can still be prevented is better than letting it cause infection and would treat it later.

Dry sinuses is extremely painful because the dried up mucous membrane is forming cracks. Nosebleeds can also occur especially when sneezing. Applying pressure in the outside of the nose can easily treat the bleeding.

Not only during summers or dry seasons do we experience dry sinuses. This can also happen during winter. The combination of the cold air and centralized dry air can be a remarkably easy way for the breaking of the mucous membrane.

dry sinusitNosebleeds can also occur more on winter than on the dry season. The best way to do away from a dry atmosphere is to increase humidity by neutralizing the heat-producing device on winter in order to create humidity. The higher the humidity, the lower the possibility of having a dry nasal.

Having a dry sinuses is particularly common, especially when the weather changes and the indoor environment are also dry. If the infection is a result of human actions such as smoking cigarette, it should be avoided because if not, it will only cause disturbance on your part.


  1. Dry painful sinuses swollen eyes and dry mouth I have humidity running in the house still painful and swollen help thank you Tammy

    • Hi,

      Had this problem for two years, had even a surgery of nasal septum, went to dozens of ENT-s, tryed all kinds of treatments, and after all, the best thing you can do is not even the steam inhalation or hunidifiers, but the good old sinus rinse with regular isotonic saline, like used for IV, but you need to have a spray with this always with, you, so I use it every time I go to toilet, like a part of my hygiene, like washing my hands. So, as many times I wash my hands, as often i spray two pufs of saline in my nostrils, and let it sip back to my throat. This is the most effective, safest and cheapest treatment for this chronic condition.

      • Because you frequently use the sailing water, your dry sinus gets worse. The sailing water will dry out the nasal membranes. You should use the emollient instead of sailing water. Many people including doctors do not realize it but still recommend the sailing water to moisturize the nasal. The sailing water, however, is effectively to treat the sinusitis but patient should not use it for a long time.

    • Please do water therap every 5 times in a day , pool water through nose then immediately snize , / take out/ through out, , do 2/3 times, believe me, I was suffering severely , but after having water therapy, I forgot what’s call headache / nose block/ breathing problems! Enjoying full breath is a great blessing!!!!!

    • MucinexD 1200mg 12 hours extended relief Maximum Strength works for me. I call it the wonder drug. It’s behind the counter no need for a presprection but must get it from the pharmacist. I hope you feel better.

  2. I have a dry sinus problem. I am Zimbabwean. When in Zimbabwe I don’t experience the dry sinus but when I travel to Botswana and Namibia I get serious dry mucus stuffing up my nose. Is there a cure? How best can I humidify my room.

  3. Try salt therapy or get a salt inhaler. I was having the worst pain ever and I was on antibiotics and sprays and just all around horrible dry sinus. I went and did one session of salt therapy and I cried because while I was in there, the pain went away. You must try it at least. Also, drink tons of water. Keeping yourself hydrated works. I hope this helps. 🙂

  4. It is an allergy …weather changing…high winds and air dust .. all causes of sinus pain …try holding your nose close with your fingers and breath from your mouth for 5 min it should relive for a while….

  5. My nose is draining through the back of my throut, nasal passage of right nostril blocked and both are dry and painful. What can I do to stop the symptoms and pain.

  6. ahh a page on dry sinus. Thought I was imaging this
    Best way to keep nose moist!
    Fractionated coconut oil dabbed gently in especially before bed
    It Works 🙂 keeps nose moist all day put in again whenever you need to

  7. I have been dealing with a dry painful sinus for almost a year. Had a septoplasty and turbinectomy, was told gerd was probably causing it, went on many different reflux medications and they didn’t help. Still suffering from sinus pain, been to 4 or 5 ENTs, neurologist, dentist, chiropractor. My ENT now has me on sesame oil twice a day, still not working. Can’t live like this much longer, ready to walk in front of an 18 wheeler. I know that sounds terrible but this is no way to live and I don’t know where to turn. Can someone one here give me some advice and point me in the right direction.

    • Hi, I believe I have this problem too. I totally understand your pain and wanting to end it all. I feel that way too. 🙁
      I’m finding relief drinking hot water and steaming my face but I worry I’m drying my sinuses out more by steaming.

    • Hey,

      I’ve been having a similar issue with my nose. It’s been about 2 months now. When It first started, my nose was so dry that I had trouble getting In air and would result in multiple anxiety attacks. I didn’t get much sleep for 2 weeks and like you said, I was ready to walk in front of a truck, still feel like that some days. I feel about 50% better since trying flonase (after 2 weeks of use) although it did cause phlegm. What helped me as well and still does is a saline nasal spray by Ocean, it does not have any other ingredients which can make the dryness worse. Drinking a lot of water helps. What has helped me the most I think is sleeping near a window and letting the fresh air in, kind of cleanses my nose. Antibiotics haven’t worked for me as of yet. Im only on my third dose. Don’t know if it’s an allergy or sinusitis. No other symptoms besides a super super dry nose and a headache once in a while due to pushing my nose up to get better air flow.

      • Hi. I had the most terrible sinus infection. I had a sporting event so rushed off to Doctors and specialists . After 3 rounds of antibiotics and numerous sprays and pills, the infection just kept reoccurring. In desperation I went to my homeopath (after missing my event) ..always believing homeopathy took awhile to work. My face was still in excruciating pain..I felt like my inner ear was blocked and everything sounded muffled. I felt like I was going mad… The homeopath gave me sinus drops which included high dosage of echinacea and kalibash… I had to take 10 drops on the hour. Within 3 hours my ears had unblocked and pressure from face gone. I Currently have dry sinus again and on the drops. And though my sinuses are still battling , it certainly is not going into an infection. Before any of you jump in front of s bus.. Please please do yourself a favour and go to a homeopath. Wishing you well

  8. this has been a god saver Neil Med emolient spray for nose buy more than one bottle and its only one I could find. Neil Med makes the bottles for saline washes and now this great product.

  9. MISERABLE, eyes no tears, sinus dry as a bone. But the strange thing is that when I wake up in the morning my sinus sound like “rice krispes” bubbling sound. Anybody ideas??

    • i had this, too. been battling sinus issues and post nasal drip for many years. this “popping” sound is improper drainage. could be a polyp or just inflamed, swollen passageways. that is the information i found in my research that makes the most sense. over the long run, i am finding that the less i focus on “fixing”, the better i become. training the mind to focus on health rather than illness. when you are miserable, it’s tough not to want it to stop and will do almost anything for even temporary relief. i understand that very well. however, i have found that doing so many things was actually interfering with the body’s natural healing ability by keeping the area – sinuses and nose – constantly bombarded with nasal washes, solutions, otc meds, etc. the probiotic balance the body normally maintains can be thrown off by all these things and the body needs time to reestablish. i am continuing to improve.

    • I have no tears too!!! I have never met anyone else with out tears Dry everything!!! Wake up with horrible headache ( sinus pressure) have gotten no answers!!!

      • No tears either an left side sinus pain that hurts on cheek and behind eye tried antibiotics and coliodal silver.
        Sudifed and asprin are minor relief ..
        No mucus just dry on left side right side u effected and seems healthy normal moist..
        Have had wet sinus issue in past years always in the winter
        This is dry as a bone..
        Eating wasabi to make my nose run proves it
        left side didn’t really run.usually it makes me look like a about noses kid.
        I can see swelling in my face and eye .
        Tired if this a week now and since it is invisible to others they act like in faking it.

      • Get your doctor to do blood tests to test you for Sjogren’s Syndrome disease. No tears was what made me think of this.
        Similar to lupus and arthritis.

  10. I have been suffering with dry sinuses, feels like my nose is stopped up, I found by accident , oxymetazoline hydrochloride 0.05, it is an OTC nasal spray, what it does for me is reduce the swollen nasal pasages that eases breathing and allows my nose to drain for a while then I breath and feel normal for several hours, It is stated to only take this medication once every 10 to 12 hours, it is not perceft but it helps me. The link is for the FDA website or you can do a web search and discover side effects and if it is right for you. This is sold as vicks sinex, dristan ?, afrin etc it should not be that hard to find. Be sure you visit the FDA website to find out if this is right for you before you use it.

    I’ll add this story, went to the doctor, he prescriber allegra 180 mg, that is an antihistamine which drys up mucus. This stuff made me worse along with the flonaise he prescribed. To make a long story short after $400 in prescriptions, a ct scan and other test this $3 medicine from walmart works best,

    • Those nasal sprays sometimes work for me, but you’re not supposed to take them for more than three days, I think, because they could cause chronic congestion. I don’t have the dryness, but I have terrible drainage that just won’t stop. Gets pretty dry in the evenings when I sleep and then I wake up with this horrible dry mouth – and then I have to hack up all the phlegm that accumulated during the evening. Pretty gross.

      I had the same problem last spring and they gave me an antibiotic that did nothing for me and had its own side effects. Seemed to go away on its own after two months and drinking tons of fluids. to the point where I was going to the bathroom every half hour or so. So, I’m trying the fluid route again. I’ve had this latest problem for about 3-4 weeks.

      Like someone else said above, one of my doctors told me last year that he thought it had to do with reflux, and reflux often causes similar symptoms to sinus infections.

  11. I have had terrible headaches now for about a month, and last year suffered similarly for weeks on end. I had an MRI of the brain and felt very depressed. During a massage, I asked if the masseur could do anything about headaches. On exploring neck and face muscles, he found some VERY tender spots around the eyes and forehead. After a very painful treatment on pressure points, my headache disappeared! He diagnosed sinus problems, which has never been mentioned by doctors I have attended!

  12. It’s hard to sleep at night with air conditioned room. (I’m in tropical country) The back of my mouth and upper part of my nose hurts because of dryness. I also have an itchy runny nose. Because of that I spit tiny blood spots and it worries me a lot. The things I do to lessen the pain is to drink water in the middle of the night and wash my nose. Before the week ends, I will go to ENT. Now I know, Im not the only. My goodness!

  13. I’ve always had sinus problems but this headache and face pain is new to me. I’ve tried all of the above remedies. I’ve had chronic dry eye for 4 years and now the chronic dry nasal passages.

    Seriously thinking about that bus. Haha. At least I haven’t lost my sense of humor, yet.

    I ate red peppered hummus for lunch, tried mentholatum under the nose and vaseline in the nose. The headache is gone but there’s still pain in the nose.

  14. My headache started as a common cold. Then it was a sinus infection. I’ve had this headache for 1 year now. Had all kinds of testing done. The CTs, lab work, X-rays, MRIs and a spinal tap just recently. The pain gets tolerable but never goes away while I’m awake. Had sinus surgery. Injection in the back of my head. Many different meds. Massage. Chiropractor. A neurologist. Waiting for Botox to be approved although my pain doesn’t actually fit into that category. Next step is Acupuncture. If nothing else I shouldn’t have a seizure. My neurologist has me on 2 different seizure meds and 2 different antidepressants. Anyone would be depressed if they were in continuous pain. Wanted to slap him when he asked me that one. Appetite is horrible. Trouble staying awake at work. Missing out on life. Lying down is the only thing that will help. I’m able to fall asleep. Yea! since this is the only time I’m not in pain.

  15. For the past year i have had allergies very bad got a sinus infection. on so many drugs for it nothing is helping saline nose wash .antibiotics twice . flo nase steroids 4 different types of allergies pills .going crazy had X-ray done it showed infection in the sinus but antibiotics did nothing for it .one side of my nose just keeps running but is blocked real bad i can not breath through it at all. the other side stays very dry and sore and bleeds . nothing is helping i have lost all since of smell and taste for a year now lips feel dry and numb dont know what else to do .feel like i just want to die

  16. I have been suffering from similar symptoms for years now, on and off. Usually a period of few weeks to a month every year and I’ve tried all sorts of medicines to varying degrees of success, but, in my case, the one thing that seems to alleviate the pain at least for a few hours, is having an orgasm. it might just be the heavy physical workout part of reaching it, but it does the trick.

  17. I have had sinus problems since I was a child, I am now 63 years old. I have had severe problems for years with dry sinus’s where my nose would close up completely on the right side and leave me getting minimal air through the left nostril. I wake up many times gasping for air and with night mares that I am drowning or some one is choking me. One recent dream was that I was being shot in the chest with a machine gun and last night I had a dream that it was my wife that was in danger from not breathing. When I wake up from these horrifying dreams my chest is usually sore from gasping for air as I sleep. In the past my breathing was good enough during the day to get me through the day but my sinus’s / nose would start closing up as soon as I laid down at night. Now things are getting worse, sinus infections are becoming more and more frequent. Three weeks ago I became constipated and my sinus’s got worse both these conditions worsened every day. It used to be only my nostrils that would be dry then my mouth started being very dry. Now it is also my throat were if I fall asleep I some times I’ll wake up coughing because of the extreme dry throat. Now that I am older and my body does not produce enough melatonin I need some sleep aid to help me fall asleep. The problem with that is then I end up fighting sleep because I am afraid of dying in my sleep from suffocating. So, this past week I had one period of time where I only got 4 and a half hours sleep in an 80 hour period. Then finally the next night I got 6 and a half hours sleep so I thought maybe I was getting over this sinus infection. However I am setting here this morning after only getting two hours sleep, watching the sun come up again and witting this post. The two hours of sleep is setting up in my recliner and does not produce the kind of rest that my comfortable bed would.
    I have used Sudafed for years because that was the only thing that worked enough so I could get some sleep. Sudafed is now becoming less effective. Saline helps just slightly the neti pot really works for only a few minuets. I was given a cpap machine and it only made things worse. Trying to force air up your nose when it is totally blocked is insane. For years I would work on 4 or 5 hours sleep. I have seen several Doctors over the years and no matter how serious I talk to them about this they just find a way to get me out the door with out really trying to find a solution. I finally got and appointment for next week with a nose, ear and throat specialist. I am not sure if I’ll still be alive by then. The past few months things have been getting worse and worse. I seldom can sleep in my bed with my wife. I was able to go down stairs and watch TV until my sinus’s relaxed enough to fall asleep. But even that option has now disappeared. Lately I set up and watch TV and then the sun coming up in the morning, getting occasion little naps while setting up. My chest feels like is full of gas or something and I am shaky with my nerves. Some one on here was talking about stepping in front of an 18 wheeler. I do understand, my thoughts have also gone to dark places like that. If it where not for my wife whom I love dearly and the fact that I could not do that to her I would probably end up doing something. However the thought of her finding me dead from suffocating is not any better of an out come for her. So I suffer through this from day to day feeling hopeless. I wonder how this is effecting my heart and other organs, will I die from a heart attach or a busted brain aneurysm? I feel like my condition is futile and I do not have any confidence in the doctors. So many people have a similar condition and it does not appear that there is any research on this. If others understood how extremely difficult this problem is I think some one would try to find an answer. Help! every day I feel like I am drowning and I am afraid of the nights. It feels like I die again each night.

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