Dizziness as A Symptom and Result of Sinus Infection

Sinus infection is one common problem in the air passage causing headache and irritating pain on the face, behind the nose, around the eyes and sometime on the upper teeth. 

Dizziness sinusitisThis can be a result of colds and allergies. People who experience this can also experience fever or flu.



Sinus infection can be associated with dizziness. Dizziness is the state of lightheadedness. It is the feeling of instability that can sometimes cause nausea.

It can be a symptom of sinusitis infection. The patient will feel dizzy when the infection reaches the point of causing migraine and headache. Dizziness can also be caused by the change of vision when the infection is in the maxillary sinus.

The maxillary sinus can be located below the eyes, behind the cheeks. Usually, the infection starts from one side of the maxillary sinus. It can spread through the other sinuses when not treated immediately. Clogged nose can also contribute to the pressure-like pain that he feels behind the nose.

The pain around the eyes and the pressure from the cheeks causes blurred vision. When both sides of the maxillary sinus have infection, there is a tendency that vision from both eyes will also become blurry. There is no need to worry about the change in vision because it will just be temporary until the infection entirely gone.


Will a person experience dizziness when flying with a sinus infection?

sinus-DizzinessFlying with a sinusitis  can also cause dizziness because the pressure of the change of altitude can add up to the pressure-like pain in the face.

The pressure pumps from the inside of your nose may result to migraine and would later make him feel dizzy. It is advisable to take any pain relievers before going to trips to ease the pain for a while.

Taking rest when not feeling well because of sinusitis can do extensive help. Doing activities can just worsen dizziness and sometimes causes nausea. Just lie down and relax.


The pain slowly goes away when the patient is lying down. Pain relievers can give the person temporary relief. The patient can take antibiotics or use home remedies such as steaming to get rid of the infection completely.

Home Remedies to Treat Sinus Infection and Its Effects

Apple Cider Vinegar is also extremely effective in treating the infection. 1 teaspoon of ACVtaken 3 times a day will do a marvellous job of treating the infection in just few days. Onions are also the best steaming buddies because of the sulfur content that is a highly effective antibacterial.

Sinus infection is a particularly common complication. It is not a serious threat to your immune system, but when not treated immediately, it can also result into flu. Taking preventive actions while it is on its early stage will help avoid greater risk.

  • It may just be an easy complication but, it can also become a permanent irritant until he finds himself needing a surgery to stop it from causing disturbance. There are two types of sinusitis. One is a less serious one called acute sinusitis.

The other is a chronic sinus infection that lasts for several months, and if home remedy can no longer cure it, patient needs to undergo surgery to take out the infected tissue.


  1. says


    but this is not quite it. I can see where you are getting at.
    My symptoms are very unusual. I have been sick for a very long time.
    But now I constantly experience a lot of sinus headaches, and recently for the past two weeks I have been having quite an amount of dizzy spells. I went to the doctor on a Friday, and then went on to have some blood tests taken, and then on Sunday 7, December just after church, I was talking to someone and all of a sudden I just fell to the floor although I did not faint I was just feeling pretty weak and dizzy and I drink alot of liquids though. I don’t understand whats happening but I really need help. My blood test results are due on Tuesday 9, December.

    • prateek says

      Hi Lorraine ,

      Don’t worry too much about this .I had similar problems .Few questions :
      (1)Do you have pain/stiffness behind your skull ,blocked ears etc ? You might have acute sinusitis which got spreaded to your inner ear and resulted in vertigo issues.

      (2)Get your Blood pressure checked.High BP will aggravate this .

      This will take bit of time to subside .All the best .


      • says

        hi …..for last few weeks I was feeling slightly dizzy and pressure in my nostril area….which has become worse to where I have started getting nausea and can’t keep anything down…so I went to see my Dr….and he said I have sinus infection which I get at least 2 or 3 times a year but this time was the worst as before o never got this extremely dizziness and nausea do I’m wondering if my sinus problem is getting worse…can anyone please help or comment on what’s going on or what’s the next step I should take….my Dr put me on antibiotics for 7 days and gave me some nausea medication…..but my dizziness is still happening …I’m really concerned about it as I’m not able to drive or work just lay down n rest….what should I do?

        • Bhadrasheel says

          hello dear…Best solution is steam inhalation with one-two drops of eucalyptus oil, 2-3 times a day. one in mornign and one in eveving ..
          It wil help u a lot. Other option is alopathic medication which itself have side-effects and makes dizzy..

        • says

          Hi Prati,

          Hope you are feeling well.

          Did you try Bhadrasheel suggestions ( steam inhalation with one-two drops of eucalyptus oil) . I am also suffering as you. My doctor suggested me to go for surgery, but I would like to go with Bhadrasheel and also most of the people suggested the same. It will be very helpful if you can write your opinion here

  2. angelaormond@yahoo.com says

    I have high blood pressure and for a month have been having sinus infection my doctor stated it is coming from the medication amlodipinebesylate. I sometime get diz ziy and I also fell to the floor and could not move. I have started taking a tsp. of vinger daily, it think I have some relief since taking the vinger.

  3. The D says

    Going through the same situation, congestion type swelling or inflammation in the back of head and feeling dizzy, lack of balance particularly in public situations like grocery stores, etc. These incompetent doctors taking all kinds of scans but no blood test! Just recently one of my nostrils swell up and clear liquid or i guess pus would seep out so I know its an real infection, not a mental situation, purely physical. Im going to demand blood test for this and hopefully get the right medication to clear it out.

    • Cured says

      I was suffering with sinus issues and seeing six doctors this is the stuff I wish I knew before I went to see them . I should of insisted on a nasal smear so the doctor knows what he is fighting and can prescribe RIGHT antibiotics. ENT’s are expensive even with insurance keep a copy recent CAT scan ‘the golden standard’ do not just let them scope your nose over and over and keep billing the insurance 300 to 400 a pop. unless money is no object. Avoid CAT scan over and over it is
      is radiation exposure you do not want to increase risks, you just want to get well! Our risks are already increased just from Fukishima according to blood tests taken in Pacific NW so be mindful. Soon they should have a scanning method that is 100% safe

      Ask to be tested for Beta-2-transferrin to check for CSF leak. My MD ordered right away and MRI it showed a sinus thickening of the right sinus an block , and an infection my ENT ordered a high resolution CAT scan.

      Black mold can cause dizziness and sinus issues. The new illness EMS may cause dizziness and sinus issues, Sinus issues many times are an allergic reaction to something your eating, touching or living or working around. So become aware of your surroundings. A food elimination diet will tell you very quickly and cheaply if your having a food allergy reaction, my doctor believes the food elimination test is the most accurate test you can take to determine food allergies. Nasosympatico is something that I found helpful that is
      if you can find someone that does this works wonders.
      When it comes to surgery see the best surgeon for me it was the medical university, where the medical professors are at

      Wishing all Good Health.

      • Cured says

        This is worth noting, my sinuses were blocked because of scar tissue resulting in dizziness, sinus infection and brain fog, etc..’

        Some times I wonder about MD because it seems when all you have is hammer , then everything looks like a nail , and we all know the medical doctor approach, on this is surgery which may result in more scar tissue, so then what more surgery.

        So I sought out an ND and he told me I should consider 20 to 30 day juice fast to burn scar tissue, and he gave me a check up and drew some blood and sent it to the lab, to make sure I was okay. Then put me strict juice fast, and a drink that keeps your bowels moving and told me to consider serrapeptase to dissolve scar tissue. So this is another method, it is wise to read a few books and see a professional before attempting this. This isn’t for everyone I’m all about a natural route and have enjoyed several juice fast and colonics

    • sara says

      You could have Meniere’s Disease… Go to an ENT “specialist”..
      I know, I went through many doctors, until I finally found one at Yale in New Haven Ct.
      By the time I was examined , the disease had gone too fat and I need the surgery/

      I wish you well, its not fun to go through////

  4. sally laschuk says

    I started with a flu virus in March 2014 which affected my sinuses and my lungs. I took a total of 3 courses of antibiotics from March until June. I was having dizziness but it seemed to subside until mid August 2014. Since then I have been living in hell and trying to get some answers. I am dizzy and disoriented and feel like I’m going to fall over. When getting up from a horizontal position I need help or I will fall. Have an appointment with an ear nose and throat doctor in three weeks but am terrified of what is happening to me. I have been taking apple cider vinegar. My CT scan shows some mastoid inflammation and chronic maxillary sinus inflammation. My whole life is falling apart and I am scared. I was told this was all from blood pressure and put on meds but I don’t agree. I have had the white coat syndrome for 35 years and that explanation doesn’t explain the constant sinus congestion and cough that I have.

  5. Ansab says

    hi, i have been suffering from sinus 3 to 4 years. At first i use to have stuffy nose, fever, and headache. I use to consult an ent doctor and he prescribes me antibiotics and some alergy tabs. Later on after 3 to 4 months this issue will comeback, again same medicns after freequent counsulting i switchd to ayurveda, in ayurvedic treatment also i am not able to find a permenent cure. Now at present i found myself by reading many articles that my immunity power is lower, so i started having garlic pills, and i am feeling relif from headache stuffy nose and fever. But i am having dizines all of sudde, itz still continuing And heavy sleep. Please help me

    • Goldie says

      Your iron is low. You need to take daily iron, for a couple months and it should get better. Same thing was happening to me and it was my iron levels depleted. God Bless .

  6. Zackariah says


    Months back i had a vertigo attack and it was diagnosed by the doctor that my sinus liquid caused ear imbalance as i had lightheadness everyday and slight nausea when i focus my eyesight for almost 2 months. There was also a dull pain on the back of my skull then. It stopped after i took 10 days of antibiotics followed by 2 weeks of rest.

    A few days back i felt sudden chills immediately after i touch down from air flight and started school the next day. One day after, i experienced a mild fever and lightheadedness followed by pain behind my skull when i bend my body over. I also experienced pain when i look up with my eyes, 180 degrees to the left and right. Is this acute sinusits or sphenoid sinusitis? Or is it a totally different illness? My mucus from my throat is white in color and i have started taking ACV in small amount with honey for two days. The lightheadedness and pain on head and eyes persists and now im slightly feeling uncomfortable. Is this acute or chronic? I have sinus issue(nose blockage) since young and only now do i face such issues. I would appreciate much advice from you thank you

  7. Nahla says

    Hi there,

    After 8 years of battling recurrent dizziness, headache…… etc. i will go for endoscopy sinus surgery which i thought will end my long nightmare.
    wish every one to stay healthy and wealthy. pray for me.

  8. says

    My dizziness has resulted from hayfever. However after using a steam iron, I also noticed a further increase in sinus pain and dizziness. The doctor prescribed a nasal spray for the hayfever only. I believe if the hayfever goes, the sinusitis will be allieviated.

  9. Mario says

    Well I been having the same problem for over 3 years I’m a 24 year old male I have a lot of symptoms from headaches to pressure in my eyes but what I’m more worry about its always been dizzy everyday. I feel like I can’t walk with the dizziness come nauseous an tier all the time I feel trap I really don’t do anything just stay home it’s getting me depress I when to a couple of doctors they gave me medicine sprays nothing seems to work. They told me I need a ear specialist to see what’s going on if its vertigo or idk..anyone else feeling like this have you found anything to make you better I want my life back I had blood work they said I have allergies to mold I also feel like if I having a fever with soar trout everyday I’m at the point that idk what to do I been told to check my blood pressure it’s always like at 130 to 145 idk if that’s high blood pressure … Need help I want my life back if anyone know anything lets know it means a lot thanks

    • Cured says

      Mold is a serious allergy, it is actually a bio-toxin illness Mold sensitized people cannot live in a mold house no matter if has been remediated or not because mold / mycotoxins, release by products even if they are dead release toxins, so every time you breath in microscopic spores you get sick again or just get sicker and sicker, It is very serious. It is suggested by mold experts to get to an uncontaminated environment and do not cross contaminate your new environment. Look up Shoemaker mold expert suggests moving out and getting on mold medication .Shoemaker’s prescribes Cholestyramine and I took a Spring Green 77 as well to get the mold out of my body, We had mold in newer house we bought we had to move.

    • Bruce says

      Hi I’m also 24 male and I suffer range of symptoms. Different daily for example one day I would wake with sore muscles all over. The next stuffy and runny nose. Some nights I don’t sleep and some I sleep too heavy. I feel 100% for a day or two then the rest just knowing something isn’t quite rite. Iv given up work, I got 3 children and all i do is eat sleep and go toilet. I rarely leave the house only when I have to. Iv been hospitalised for a month previously due to sinusitis. Took doctors a week to figure out what was going on. I couldn’t stand light, blood pressure, dizziness couldn’t stand, ect. Iv tried everything but just can’t shake it. Just go with it i figure.

  10. Josh says

    I’ve been experiencing some sinus problems for some time and woke up yesterday July 2, 2015 with the problem of not being able to sneeze regularly, cough, and even catch myself with weird sounds to no sounds at all when I laugh… I’m at a complete loss on this… Any help will be appreciated… Idk what it could be

  11. Nicola says

    Mine started with a build up of pressure in my head, felt like my brain was spinning, completely irritated by everything and everyone. Felt like I was losing my mind. A few days later woke up with tinnitus in both ears. Brain feeling dizzy and nausea continued. Struggled to do anything. Went to GP who put it down to stress and advised rest. Days later, it was one thing handling the ringing ears, but couldn’t do anything else for the nausea and dizzyness. Took cyclizine for symptoms for a few days which helped but didn’t want to keep taking it in case it made it worse. Kept to myself, frustrated with my lack of understanding about what was happening. After three weeks, the nausea and dizzyness stopped, and then I got a terrible head cold, feeling like it may have been a sinus problem all along. Tried nasal sprays for a few days. Did nothing. Now trying sudafed. Constant headaches, sore eyes, runny nose and today marks four weeks of unrelenting tinnitus. Even had an audiology check. Not sure how that relates to anything. Probably should go back to the GP, but not sure what that would achieve. Currently putting everything I’ve read, the good and the bad, into HOPE. Hope to get back to my old self in time, though I’ll be sure to go at a slower pace than before because I do think stress makes symptoms worse. Thanks to everyone who’s shared their stories. Wishing you good health.

    • Jessica says

      Nicola, I know it’s been a while, but I’m having the same EXACT issues. Do you mind sharing what the diagnosis was? :/

      • adam says

        I’m having the same exact problems. I live in everett wa, every year around this time I get all day lightheadness and dizzyness. Nothing helps. It comes when it wants and stays how long it wants. Makes my life terrible. Sound familiar? Yea ever year same thing. Scares me it will be for ever . But it goes away after 6 weeks. One week is bad. 3 days is good. Than a week bad again and you feel like your trapped. But it’s just a crappy virus that haunts you till it’s gone. I woke at Boeing and it’s a pain in the butt cause all you do is walk. I take 1to 2 days off a week when this dizzy happens. All you can do is pray you don’t faint at work or in public. And think about laying in bed again. Forget your family life.I have a kiddio and all we do is play games in my bedroom cause I can’t do any thing else with out feeling dizzy. So get use to it and find best way to cope. Times I have to stop and pretend I’m texting so I can pass some of the dizzy away .this ain’t a joke and I hope a doctor can find a faster madacine for this infection. Cuz nothing is wrong . It’s just a bad infection were not use to. It blows. Excuse my talk. But it just does. Currently in the middle of my dizzyness cycle. Pray tommarow will be better. If not I know how to cope this bs thing. My heart to everyone here going thru this ! It sucks , it dose stop. But just hang in their email me if you want abushell.ab@gmail.com happy to talk with you

  12. Sue Fodey says

    Was treated for a sinus infection in 2011. Since then I am constantly getting colds, associated with full sinuses associated with occasional headaches, as of last 2 months, full sinuses esp. in a.m. with gross fatigue, daily nausea and constant dizziness and feeling of faintness. Have appt. with G.P. sept 23/15 or should I go to ER!!!

  13. Raul says

    About two years ago I suddenly began feeling dizzy one night and went to the ER. The doctors didn’t do anything except give me IV. After a few more months of feeling dizzy and lightheaded I finally went to see a ENT he told me i “could have” a list of things. (Not very helpful)
    Last summer I started feeling very bad again I saw a new ENT and he was great. I had Baloon Sinoplasty surgery last September, I felt great all year. Just two weeks ago I started feeling lightheaded again and a lot of pressure around my nose, eyes, head, and ears. I am in the process of scheduling an appointment with a new ENT at one of the local Sinus Centers in hopes of a more permanent solution. I hate having this condition, it feels like life is passing me by and I want to be a part of it. I hope everyone here finds comfort, see someone for this even though at times it feels like you make it up in your head, it is a real health issue but we can all get relief! Trust in God and all will be ok! Good luck

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